Any Heroic/AotC raids recruiting?

Howdy all!

Does anyone know of a heroic raid which is looking to add an experienced mage to their ranks? (And possibly some other DPS friends of mine.)

I’ve been a Feathermoonie since December, 2004. I’ve raided consistently that entire time (on the same main), but only with a few different raid groups over the years. Originally I raided with Rising Nova from Vanilla until MoP. Then in WoD until recently, I’ve been raiding with Damage Incorporated.

Unfortunately, our raid has split-up in this expansion (with some folks transferring realms to focus on competitive mythic progression, and others stopping playing altogether).

This leaves me without a raid home. I don’t want to transfer realms, but I’m not opposed to cross-realm raiding if anyone knows of any connected communities.

My goal is to ultimately obtain Ahead of the Curve for current content, but I’d also prefer a somewhat casual, friendly, and social experience. I’m a strong believer in playing the class, spec, and style that you want to play. My hours are limited to evenings during the week, but otherwise I can raid on any day (including weekends).

If anyone knows any good channels for recruitment, let me know!


I also like to chat. A lot. :slight_smile:

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