Any Guilds recruiting? [H]

I have 3 buddies of mine that recently came back to the game. We are looking to join a Guild as a group and move from casual players into raiding.

We are for the most part varying experience levels with raiding, however we are extremely dedicated to the game.

As long as the guild is progressive and dedicated, we aren't concerned about skill level either. We are willing to build and learn as a team.

Resto Druid
Prot Paladin
Frost Mage
Arms Warrior

Let me know if interested/if you have any questions!

Hey there- I'm the GM of Holy Smokes-Draka.

We are always accepting new members but are specifically looking for people to join our heroic raid team. We can somewhat help with gear. We run mythics together quite often and there is a group that are always pushing keys.

We are a casual, active and laidback guild. We expect competence when raiding but we are by no means hardcore.

If you're interested in joining, please /who holy smokes and ask anyone online for an invite.
<We go left> would be happy to have all of you. We are generally heroic raiders but have a great social aspect as well. Message me here or find Drnimbus, Lukewilliam, or Karthas in game!

I am on officer of Dysfunction Misfits and we are a 8/8N 3/8H on Eternal Palace and would like to co-join with your guild to continue progression if you would like to do that my btag is KardiG#1755