Any good guilds on moonguard

I have no idea where to ask this or what board.

Avoid the “lifestyle” guilds and you will be fine.


Each realm has it’s own forum. I’m sure there are tons of good guilds on Monnguard.

Best bet is to hop over to the Moonguard forums. Should be able to find it at the bottom of the Forums home page.

Bless you sir. I will look for them right now

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What qualities are you looking for in a guild?

Just looking for a casual guild that doesn’t mind teaching new players.

I don’t think most guilds would mind teaching new players - but you just want to make sure that your interests align with those of whichever guild it is you’re joining. For example,

Activities; RP, PvE, PvP, Social, or a combination - if you’re not looking to RP, then look for guilds who don’t advertise that they RP. If you’re looking to mostly be doing dungeons, then look for a guild that advertise that they’re a PvE guild - things of that nature.

Guild Size - If you’re looking for a smaller or larger guild - same thing. You might be better suited for a smaller guild since you could get more individualized attention that way to help you learn the game, but the down side is that smaller guilds tend to have less people around in general so there might be times when there’s only a couple people (or none) online. If you’re willing to accept that trade-off, then a smaller guild would be good, but if you want people online 24/7 and always have people around to do stuff with then a larger guild would be better.

Culture - if you’re looking for a particular cultural mindset (such as older players, or younger players, or LGBT, etc etc.) then also pay attention to that.

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Welcome to Moonguard, Peacup! You picked da perfect time to stop by, and boy do I have a deal for you!

motions to the used guild lot, where a green, inflatable, dancing noodle man waves in the wind

Our old pal, Heathrowe gave a good summary of the offerings, so I won’t go into more detail than dat. And I notice yer sportin’ the blue coat. Can’t blame yaz, blue’s a nice color, regal-like. However! places his hand on Peacup’s back and gently turns his attention toward the red side of the lot

You see dat lovely green guild ovah there? Yeah, dats the one. Sharp, sporty, amazingly boomtastic. Look at dat gold trim. Sparkles even at night! Won’t find annudah like it in all of Azeroth, bub. It takes a special someone ta drive off the lot in dat and pal? I know youz the one ta do it. What’s it called, ya ask?

Flashbang Exports!

Now, now. I know it ain’t in the blue spectrum, but the profit ain’t always there, ya know what I’m sayin? And yeah, you have to be a Goblin to drive. Sorry, but ta be da best, ya gottabe da best. I’ll give ya a moment ta kick the tires and have a look around.

You may notice it’s built RP solid, with a strong PVE frame. It’s designed for tackling some of the roughest outtings, yet loose enough to enjoy the fun. And if there’s one thing about Flashbang, it knows how to have fun.

So when ya ready to drive it off the lot, head on in to the office and they’ll get ya all sorted out. And when ya do, tell em your ole pal Eddy P sentcha. You’ll be glad ya did.


There’s loads of guilds. Its bit hard to get into the rp ones in terms of everything.