Any Fraternity/Phase Two?

Any of you guys coming back for Classic? If so, any ideas to which server you’re rolling on? Unable to snag Mysterio on any server, rip.

Btag: Tim#11172
Discord: Ciraxe#3851

Ahoy my dude! I have no idea where I’m ending up right now, a buddy of mine wants to play Horde on Herod but no way am I not playing a dwarf for classic lol. I just wanna play where my other 'Noldians are playing.

wtf, wrong character lel

People are scattered. I’ve seen people post about Whitemane (Pacific-PvP) and Mankrik (Eastcoast-PvE). I was going to go horde on Herod but, with the estimations right now Herod may have too steep of a queue for my liking. A bunch of horde perenoldians are rolling on Mankrik. I’m really wanting them to enable another east coast pvp server to roll on otherwise I may end up on Stalagg.

Here is the discord of the hordies I’m talking about:

Hello…been awhile…in contact with Stilfor, Freemo and of course Kriby…we’re planning on picking up classic… where you guys gonna be?

EDIT : This is Gangster from Vanilla

Gangster! We need to play on a PvP server this time, wherever everyone ends up. Glad to see more familiar names crawling out of the woodwork!

Hey hit me up when you guys get a chance
BNet - Bishop#1998
Dcord - Bishop#0303

Or anyone that wants to join us that’s cool too.

Oat wants to be a damn dwarf again. I’m pretty much set on horde and right now I have Mysterio on Grobbulus(RP-PVP), Fairbanks(PVP) and Skeram(PVP). A bunch of ADD and the 2nd round of Phase Two + others (Kev the shaman and some of his buddies) are rolling on Fairbanks as alliance. Wski hasn’t really decided yet. An assortment of Mercs/IRS/Mortality and many others are rolling horde on Mankrik (PvE).

Add us on btag oat


Classic launches in 24 hours, where we droppin boys?


Horde on Herod. Queues pretty rough though, got DCed once I hit level 10 and now waiting in queue.

Yeee Freemy mah boy! Im on hordeherod as well, queues suck but i think only a few servers will have longevity and this is one of them.

I have a lock named Freesaken, hit me up. Joined queue at 2:55 I will probably get in by 8pm fml

Playing on Herod is like playing with yourself without the climax. I just tried to log onto it with a different account… 11,602 queue with an eta of about 4.5hrs wait time. As much as I want to play with you guys I just can’t subject myself to that torture especially when I get home from work between 2-3pm est. I definitely wouldn’t have much time available to play by time I got in, lol. After work I generally have about a 1hr wait on Incendius (PvP-EST) which gives me time to do a few things while in queue.

Yeah it has been less than ideal, hoping it dies down in the coming weeks. Unfortunately rolled on this server with a guild of people that I played with on another server and didn’t anticipate it being this crazy. But there has been a queue to get onto Herod like 21 hours of the day lol. Most people have been remoting to their desktop to queue up hours before they get home.

Horde… you traitors

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Krak! What’s up man, you still playing?

Excuse me, Oatmang? Can I interest you in a mind control???

I used to eat me some Stilfor and Infamous in wsg. Those were the days.

OMG, miss all you guys… I just got on Classic 3 weeks ago… Revwind here

cool to see some of your names after so long. was hoping some of the good players were around. oh well.