Any content for the Horde?

So the Worgen reclaimed Gilneas with the help of Calia the traitor and Night elves got a shining new world tree?

Is there any good content that is new for the Horde to come now before TWW has release?

No the Troll heritage doesn’t count.


Why doesn’t it count?


It’s race content not faction content.

So, no faction specific content next patch, seems fair, no?


Next patch yes but reclaimed Gilneas happened before.

But that is Worgen content, not Alliance content.


They alliance gained yet another strong nation while the Horde got nothing. Yes it’s faction content

They recovered their homeland. That is just fair, and also Alliance helped Forsaken to clean the blight on Lordaeron for the horde at the end of shadowlands, thats just the alliance version of that.

Alliance helps forsaken get their homeland back from the destruction caused by Sylvanas, then the Forsaken helps the worgen get their homeland back from the destruction caused by Sylvanas 2 years later.


so the night elf questlines and gilneas don’t count either. Glad we got that out of the way


Check your blue priviliges.

What privilege? Can you expand on that?

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Being the writers favorite faction bombed with attention. Horde has struggeling since vanilla and nothing positive ever happened there. We are either evil or second fiddle.

I don’t really see logic in your statement.

Yes, the horde has been made evil in more than one ocasion, but often times this also comes at the cost of great loss to the alliance in some fashion, with the alliance having been “the good guys” but not really winning a lot.

If you want to complain about something, you would find things to complain if you were on the alliance side of things.

Things are not 1 to 1, so there is no objective winners and losers overall.

Yes, the horde doesnt have a “Varian dying like a boss momment”, but doesn’t have a “Teldrassil burning event either”. And you could argue that was a terrible horde momment as well, since they were made the villains, and thats fair, but that doesn’t invalidate the other side thinking that was a bad momment to be alliance either.

This measuring contest is just worthless.

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If you actually believe we would mourn Orgrimmar and thunderbluff burned be offed If it means the traitors die too then big lol.

I’m pretty sure many Horde players would be upset if the alliance destroyed a whole horde capital and killed their civillians in the process.
I’m sure many alliance players would be upset in participate in such event.

I’m also sure many players dont care for that at all.

You can’t please everybody all the time.

Maybe i’m just too old to care who has it worse and i just enjoy what i find enjoyable.


TB are tents and Orgrimmar loks like dung. The Orcs would profit from a total new place that isn’t put in the middle of the desert just because Thrall had green guilt about something that happened before he was born.

That doesn’t address anything that I said at all.

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The point is these two cities are so ugly they are empty most of the time. I don’t know a single actual player who spends time there anualy not even for RP.

I bet 5000000 gold that if i create a character and go to orgrimmar I can find lots of player characters hanging out.

Still doesn’t address anything I said.


You know why initially only barley 30% of players were Horde? Cuz Blizzard put no effort into starting zones and capitals while all races looked ugly. The accusation of alliance bias has a solid foundation.