Any Communication on Solo Shuffle?

Is there any plans on fixing solo shuffle? Have they said anything.

The que times?

Are you really going to play hall monitor with people leaving Blizzard? Good luck with that and all the head-aches that is going to cause.

This is what you need to do with leavers - drop them -250 in rating and a 1 hour lockout.
And for the other remaining 5 people - they get 15 or 30 conquest and rating for their time.

It’s that simple.

And why are the darn ques taking so long. I love when it takes forever and 5 people are ready to go finally and it shows it 5/6 and that one guy is just afk lol.

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Don’t you know that ques always pop when you finally decide to go take that leak or make some food? And an hour que… you just know he took the chance to take a leak and came back to no longer in que

It’s amazing how many people complain about something that’s already getting worked on without knowing that.