Any chill guilds want a SPriest?

Just looking for some cool people to hang with during the xpac, maybe raid with and stuff.

My schedule is kinda loose because of RL (married, job, etc.) but in general I am usually around between 7p-midnight CST on the weekdays, and weekends are hit or miss, but typically around 9-10p to I pass out on Friday/Saturday nights.

Not looking for anything super serious, I’d like to eventually have normal raids on farm, and at least be attempting heroic every now and again. I am not super fond of M+ but I will run them, especially if I have a group that I run with often.

Anyways, if you are a super chill guild who wants a(nother?) SPriest for SL, hit me up on here, or add me on BNet SereneSl0th#1484