Any chance of early BG release like they did with Dire Maul?

Is this a possibility?


im all for it bring on the pvp gear.

No. Go back to BFA or reroll on a PVE server if you do not enjoy WPVP.

It’s almost a certainty. Someone will get wind of the dropping sub numbers right after the recent announcement if the biggest jump in subs in WoW’s history. Once the shareholders (especially the long game holders) know that they’re losing people after that, pressure will be put on to fix it and naturally Blizzard will do what it takes. Which in this case is releasing battlegrounds, that’s really all they can do.


Either 30 days from yesterday or 60 days from yesterday with something else being released 30 days from yesterday.

I would say its possible. And i hope it does. Then we can come in here and enjoy the Niagara Falls of tears from all the long queues.

I mean, everything’s a possibility, I suppose.

I suspect Blizzard wants world PvP to happen though, which is why they released the honour system before BGs. They want people to go out in the world and slaughter each other because it’s a thing that was done originally. Once BGs come out, people will be less likely to do world PvP because they can sit in their capital and queue for it.

I get how this kinda sucks for people who are trying to level… there’s a reason I never rolled on a PvP server, but this is also the game.

This is one of those things where, if you didn’t get to 60 before the drop, you’re just gonna have to wait it out. I mean, a lot of people quit playing until this was released. They’ll bask in the glory of world PvP for a while, then they’ll quit again.

I suspect in 2-3 weeks it’ll be a little easier to play.

Very possible when considering everything that’s been accomplished by these forums.

People complained on day 1 about server queues and name reservation, so Blizzard reacted by opening more servers a few days later. They continued to complain until Blizzard took it a step further and offered free transfers… not once, but like 3 times so far. The forums pointed out an imbalance, which lead to faction specific transfers for this latest round.

With all the recent complaints being centered towards wpvp imbalances, it’s likely they’ll flick the switch for an early WSG to reduce the number of players(groups) out in the world.

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I never said I didn’t enjoy “WPVP.” Was just a question. They released Dire Maul early, which was cool. It would be cool if they released BG early. I enjoy WPVP as much as BG’s.

BGs are arriving when they arrive. We know that them being in the game eventually is a foregone conclusion. There is absolutely zero reason to rush them in.

its possible, lets hope they do it like they did with dire maul

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If anything they need to remove dhk and give us an extra couple months of just wpvp. The battlegrounds and arena are part of what ruined PvP in this game.

There isn’t zero reason. People are already requesting it, and based off of what Blizzard has explained in the past, that what people want, has an impact on what will happen in the game. Thanks for your input though. You seem like a well rounded troll.

Here’s what folk fail to understand about this game.
Once Phase 2 releases, there are no new subs.
full stop.

That’s why we screamed trying to stop it from occurring.
Well, the folk who were against that decision like myself, quit playing and have cancelled…

Now you’re asking for an early release (shock!) to end the ‘once in a server’s lifetime wPvP’ stage? (so important a stage those of us left knowing we missed out on this not being 60, so no purpose to fund Classic any further).

Make sure you demand city joining of BGs too, because in case you had forgotten, in Classic we join the BGs at the BG’s entrance, not in the city, that was much later.
My prediction is when you get your next whinefest implemented,
nothing will be left of the original Classic population but the BFA/streamer crowds you all ran from to begin with…

Just in time for Shadowlands to come out.

Honestly, saddened by it all, but hey… Breeders of Nephelym is sure helpin time go by, lol. And DAoC announced it’s Free to Play.

Good luck on your quest to destroy Classic! You guys got me out, I’m sure more will follow, with absolutely no chance at gaining subs, you are destined for greatness!


Play Alliance and tell me if you still enjoy wpvp.

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Imagine that…

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Then fight for balanced ratios, not simply gripe endlessly about the result of them.


they didnt say bgs would fix the “problem”

they said they just wanted to do some bgs, and i agree

Some fixes for the faction imbalance is either faction specific queues, faction change to Alliance only or incorporate both to entice players to switch to Alliance so they don’t have to deal with the queues.

Only the minority play Alliance to try and help with the imbalance, until others decide to do the same this game’s faction ratio’s will continue to favor Horde.

Additionally continue free transfers, but hold back on CRBGs. There are plenty of things they could do to incentivize balance, but they have no will to do so.