Any casual late night guilds recruiting? (Sunday-Thursday 10:00pm-02:00am server time)

Hello, Moon Guard! I’ve been playing on this server since 2014 because I love the atmosphere RP servers provide. Unfortunately I recently stared a new job working second shift and am unable to log on before 10:00pm server time. I’d really hate to leave this server and was wondering if there are any casual raiding guilds that play this late on weekdays. I’m willing to play just about any class/role (Though I would prefer to play healer/ranged dps) and have a moderate amount of raiding experience. If there is any guild out there able to help me out, my btag is Peludo#11856. Thank you!

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I totally feel this vibe! That’s actually around the time I get off work as well, and I’m in the unique position where I need to meet all new people. I’d invite you to join me! But I’m primarilly someone that likes to chat and RP. I wish you luck in your raiding!