Any allied races planned

Does DF have any allied races planned to come forward in a future patch?
Does anyone have some inside info?

Allied races were a battle for azeroth thing.

i think one of the dev interviews last week said they didnt have plans for any right now

What do you have against our new lizard friends? :open_mouth:

Ive seen the TV show V… I dont trust the lizards. They wanna eat us all

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Confused Legion noises.

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Four low budget ones as a BFA pre-order bonus. :dracthyr_tea:

After the fox people, I’d rather they not do any more allied races.

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What, no Tuskarr? They could maybe even use much of the pandaren rigging to fill out whatever they would need for animations.

I’m still holding out hope for Sethrak

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If you notice alot of the new renown quests haven’t been testable. Tuskarr loots like an allied race candidate. So perhaps they will unlock at a later patch/expansion. They said no allied races for 10.0. But like it means later on maybe. Tuskarr seems like a likely candidate.

I thought there was a more recent video of an interview where they said they were thinking of a dracnoid allied race because Drakthyr/Evokers are one in the same and they’re not giving them any more classes.

I’ll see if I can find it.

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