Any advantage to freezing the leveling of a toon at 30?

I want to have one main and endless alts, but one main where ive done everything. So I created this Sahdow Preist and he is going to be my guy, my go to, my BAE so to speak, and im just like leveling in old world and i notice that they only go up to level 30.

So I am thinking i need to freeze my level at 30 to complete all these quests in OG WOW world? Then when i am ready to do BC, i should just do timewalking?

Does this make sense or am i overthinking this like crazy? I know i can keep just leveling and turn on low level quests, but then its one hit quittas and i dont get practically any gold for the quests.

So what have other people done?

The only reason to lock specifically at 30 is if you want to do Herald of the Titans on the character.

Chromie Time works for the revamped Vanilla zones.

Turning Chromie Time on for any expansion will cause all of them to scale to 60. Which one you pick just determines which dungeons you see in the LFD tool, grants you a breadcrumb for the expansion, and gives some priority to that expansion’s quests on the Warchief’s Command/Hero’s Call board. (The old Vanilla dungeons are under the Cataclysm timeline.)

Personally, I’d initially lock at 49 until you’ve done MoP. (That makes BfA content less likely to create phasing issues for you.) This has the advantage that you can turn Chromie Time off and solo group content (including raids) as needed. You get the best of both worlds: Chromie Time on when you want stuff to be challenging, and off when something isn’t soloable at level. (Or you’re tired of doing your full rotation on every kobald with a candle.)

At 49, most WoD content is probably also soloable, but I don’t think BfA messes with it.

You’ll want to lock again at 59 until BfA. The Dragonflight starter quest interferes with getting the heart, so if you want to do stuff in order, you’d want to grab that before you hit 60. You’ll also lose access to the BfA dungeon finder at 61 (and can’t lock at 60) but a lot of BfA content doesn’t unlock until 60. Of course, by the time you actually get to that content, we’ll be in The War Within, and everything in this paragraph will probably have changed.

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Thank you for the very detailed and thoughtful response! I appreciate you