Answer a "ready check"?

I’m not a new player, but this is probably a new player question. When joining a group for a dungeon finder dungeon (in this case, the Love is in the Air dungeon) I get what I assume is a “ready check” query from the leader. How/where do I answer “Yes”?

It would be unusual for a leader to issue a ready check for any dungeon, and certainly especially a holiday dungeon like Love Is In The Air.

When a leader dos a ready check, you get a box where you click either “Ready” or “Not Ready”

Here is a video showing a ready check:

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You are right, there was apparently no ready check going on. I was mistaken about the dialog I was seeing when trying to enter the dungeon. One of the five icons had an ‘X’ and I assumed that was me for not answering “yes” or “ready” to a ready check. (And so I got kicked out of the group and sent back to the queue.) But I have since learned that the ‘X’ was another person who just hadn’t clicked “enter” yet.

Ah yes.

What you saw was the notification that your queue had popped and your group was ready.

When that happens, everyone in the group has 30 seconds to click ready to Enter Dungeon. If someone doesn’t, the party is dissolved and those who did are placed at the front of the queue for a new party, so you are probably not waiting long after that.