Another DH Precise Sigils Macro Error

I know that the Precise Sigils Talent can cause issues when switching from Havoc to Vengeance.

I have a bug that when I switch from Feed the Demon Build to a Frailty Build my Elysian Decree @cursor macro breaks. I have learned that the Precise Sigils talents uses the Shadowlands version of Elysian Decree.

In theory this macro should work, but it only works without Precise Sigils. Precise Sigils Spell ID is 389799

/cast [known:389799] Elysian Decree (Shadowlands); [noknown:389799,@cursor] Elysian Decree

Any other thoughts or suggested work-around?

The SL version of Elysian Decree only works pre lvl 61 and while bound to Kyrian. I’d try changing your Covenant to Night Fae/Venthyr with the following macro:

/cast [noknown:389799,@cursor] [] Elysian Decree
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Elysian decree macros with precise sigils talented will pull the covenant ability regardless of current covenant selection.

It’s giving me this version when I talent Precise Sigils as Venge/Havoc

And this without Precise Sigils

Neither of which appear to be Covenant versions (327839, 339893, 312941, 339894, 389858, 307046, 306830) according to Wowhead.

Concentrated Sigils is giving me 389858, which seems to match a Covenant version.

This is feels like the same bug that Evokers run into with Spiritbloom when spec’d into Font of Magic vs not, the only fix for macros with that is to logout and back in after switching.

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I made sure I was Necrolord as well.

I relogged and this fixed the issue. Thanks

just never change specs

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