Another Community Council invitation is given out!

You are right MVPs have to pick a posting char and stick to that, with rare exceptions. It used to be that once you were flagged green, every single Blizzard forum showed you as green and you could not change it. All chars too.

The forum software changed in 2018. Permissions for the WoW forums are now set by the groups you belong to which are handled at the Character level. A character can be part of more than one group such as being part of Trust Level 0, 1, 2, and 3. Being part of various Beta groups that grants posting access, etc.

Some things such as titles and text color are also set there. They switched me to the CC group for posting permissions but I am still a CS/TS, WoW, etc MVP.

I THINK to fix it they are going to have to make a custom group for anyone who is both CC and MVP to keep the text green and fix the title to show both. I would gather that is not a priority right now for the forum software folks.

Yes, or on the relevant sub forum. That is really the only means to have direct input. It is also a means for any CC members who are interested in that topic to discuss it with you. It might improve the quality of GD if people actually did that and gave constructive feedback instead of just derailing threads or attacking people.

It is not ideal, but start with that and if it gets to be a major issue I can talk to the CMs about getting a sub forum set up maybe.

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Posting on an alt to show you that the flagging is per char in WoW. On the other Blizz forums the flagging and groups are at the Bnet account level. Anyone who does not want their main bothered can select the CC posting alt they want to use and only use it there. They could post here on GD under a diff alt name for privacy.

I opted to use Mirasol the MVP version for transparency instead of making a new alt to “hide” roles. Although that might have made the group permissions easier!

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If op gets in, then we all know the council thing is a joke :laughing:

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you mean you can’t tell already? I spent 5 minutes on there and I could tell that. Blizzard has no intention of actually trying to improve the game based on the people they picked. That is a feel good/PR exercise.


Have there any europeans been invited yet? Right now I’ve got the feeling that it’s just players with an active US-account, which would be extremely disappointing and raise the question why there’s been choice of language/region in the application sheet.
Edit: Ah, I think I’ve found one! That’s something.

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Yes. Of the handful who are there so far at least 3 or 4 are EU and one French Canadian - that have stated the info anyway. Others may be as well.

If they review some of the OPs posts they may see how condescending he is to dissenting opinions. Perfect candidate for the council, since the devs of blizzard often blame the players for their failures and not seeing their “genius.”


Still waiting on my invite… Hello? Blizzard?

Which hasn’t been updated since December 2019 according to the site banner. Which would correspond approximately with the point when Blizz changed the API license to basically make such sites impossible to run without violating the rules. So I wouldn’t count that as accurate given the major shifts in population and events since that point.


Better question when are we getting playable duck race . I’m ready to be a Mallar’dorei

For Quack’thalas


Maybe next expac BLizz will let him build up Cow rep and race change once he hits exhalted

There’s a difference between, and this seems to be a difficult concept for these forums, people who criticise WoW/Blizzard, and people who just doomsay.


Exactly. I am not sure how some people have concluded that feedback is not negative or critical unless it is laced with profanity and personal insults.

That is the worst way ever to get anyone to listen or consider your ideas and point of view. I would have gotten fired from work for presenting feedback that way. At home as a kid, punished. Same went for school. Why people think the outrage model would make a GOOD Council member is beyond me. It works for clicks on videos, not for getting anything real accomplished.

People can be critical AND still act like respectful adults.


Who cares not like this Community Council represents the players.

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You missed one… Patrick Stewart face palm…

Exactly, I may criticize Blizzard a good deal, but I DO provide feedback for how they could fix the issues in: story, RPG elements, open world, etc…

Now as to whether someone TAKES the advice given, I cannot force a horse to drink water as the saying goes.


It really depends on the point of view. I’m super casual but I have likely more knowledge about the game, the lore, the mechanics and very special interest items/titles and so on than you. The problem with the term “casual” is simply meant to divide the non-raiders from the raiders. Raiders are meant to be the “end game” but in reality it’s just one of many possible end goals you can approach.

For me, WoW casuals are the people who play one month and come back during the next patch.

They do this because of their bad image, the internal leaks on twitter and the overall sentiment of them being called untrustworthy, liar, manipulators and out of touch. And this still doesn’t include the scandals, the developer’s high ground attitude and faction bias they openly show. They even started to address the game as “Horde and Alliance” while it correctly should be labelled as “Alliance and the Horde”

we shouldn’t have to go through other players or be at other players mercy for direct input.

some people on that council have never made a thread about the game that I can recall - why are they there, there should be no need for forum police in that section.

In part I agree but I wonder if the devs aren’t getting heat from upstairs about dwindling subs and this is a way to make it sound like they actually care about the situation, i.e. they can claim - look we made a council to get input about what works in the game.


Let me know when they invite casuals and roleplayers. Hardcore players already seem to have enough representation since the game caters to them.