[A]<No Regard> now recruiting all!

Current needs / requirements

Melee DPS and a tanks, but accepting all applications

Raid logs for the role you’re applying for. Parses are NOT part of the reviewing process.

Raid Schedule
Tue/Wed 6:30-9:30 EST (Invites go out at 6:15pm Eastern, first pull is at 6:30pm EST)

Members will need to be able to make both raid days.

About Us
We are a chill raid team that is currently recruiting in preparation for Shadowlands. We focus on AOTC every tier and.

We run a relatively small guild, so members don’t feel like just another face in the crowd. While we are a raiding-focused guild, we do recruit to build a social atmosphere encourage members to participate/set up other non-raiding activities such as M+ keys and potentially old content runs and casual pvp.

We love loot, but we also love having fun while getting it! So we highly value not only skilled players, but people who are a great team/culture fit.

What are we looking for
Competent players:

good mechanics

good understanding of and comfortability with class/spec rotation and utility

Players with great attitudes:

ability to listen, communicate and learn

easy going/tilt-proof/non-toxic

team player (focuses on mechanics over parses, patience is a MUST, willing to listen to raid leader)

Players committed to progression:

able to listen to constructive criticism to improve performance if required (or understand that you may have to sit out)

a stable schedule and ability to consistently attend raid on both scheduled days each week. If you’re unable to attend raid on the rare occasion, reasonable advance notice will need to be given.

If you are interested in meeting us, please contact me on alt 1922 is the é Bnet Kém#1214– or
Thanks, Kemii