Anniversary Que Time is Broken and Long

I’m not sure about you guys but this que time is seriously long and Chromie don’t allow you to que any other specific roles. Do you guys think this needs to be fixed? Leave your comment and let Blizzard know :slight_smile: !


Is everyone just queueing as DPS? There is no role queue for it and it’s not popping for me. I’d like to queue as a healer, Blizzard.

I saw that there was a 42 minute queue and logged out. I assumed because there were so many ppl wanting to run these raids that the queue time would be shorter…but nope. Maybe queue times will lessen over the next couple of days?

Found a quick solution, just que through Custom.


It seems to be only the leads that doesn’t queue for a role, so if you group with someone and they queue you, you should be able to choose a role.



The fix for this is in progress. Thank you for your patience.


how we only have to wait 30 mins for a deserter debuff?

Fix how you get AV progress while you’re at it


Fix the ragnaros reset bug while youre at it.


Ya didnt test this too much huh? People are getting locked into bugged raids and we cant leave unless we get the deserter debuff. 2 hours after a blue post and things are still messed up.


Maybe this is fixed now? I just logged in and it say average wait time is 5 minutes. Queued for all 3.

They didn’t say it was fixed, they said they are working on it. This is why reading comprehension is important. Stay in school kids.

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You uh, like being rude online too weeb? come on man, shush.

Can’t do much about the queue time being long, but I am going to assume that it’s vastly inaccurate as it has been for years and Blizz has refused to acknowledge it needs some TLC.

Fix the mount and pet while you’re at it.

If everyone is using a que system, they’re doing it wrong.

You need to queue.


Doing with a group of 30 that knows the fight is quick and easy imo. Best of luck on the runs :slight_smile: !

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That should be fixed already. I don’t have the mount yet myself, but my pet disappeared before and now is back and able to be summoned. :slight_smile:

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If you queue by talking to Chromie , you will never get a group. You have to search for an existing group in Custom.

When they said the raids would be available in LFR to me that meant I could go to looking for raid from wherever I was and see them listed there. That’s how it should work since they never told us we had to talk to Chromie first.

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