Anniversary PvP Event Scaling Poorly


Although 120’s are scaled down to 60 and lower levels scaled UP to 60;
The 120s are one shotting the lower levels.

They have a vast advantage over the lower levels. Not just in gear but with spells available to them.
I’m sure this is not intended because the Party Sync feature allows for the same thing; however, that system gives the lower levels a better advantage. (by giving 120’s templates and lesser count set of spells)

This means whichever team has the most lower level players will always be at disadvantage.

Edit: The average HP of a 120 is 7k-8k while the lower level has 3k.
Lower levels are stuck with 60% mount speed or worst no mount at all… They have so many disadvantages. Please do something to elevate lower levels.


Very poorly scaled for those who are lower level. I’d assume it would work the same way that holiday instances scale (which are scaled properly.) Also anyone above level 40 gets to keep their 100% mount speed yet anyone below level 40 keeps their 60% mount speed. Whether or not this speed difference based on level was intended to better simulate classic I’m not certain, but I think it’s worth noting anyways in case it too is a bug.


Yea I was really looking forward to the event, but after entering the battle with a lvl 20 that is fully geared (no missing slots), and my health was only 3200hp while most others had at least 8000hp, the higher lvl’s were yelling at me and telling me to get out of the battle cause I was hurting their chances for a win, I felt so sad :frowning:


I was looking forward to dusting off my twink and doing some PvP but it feels like im a level 60 with 19 gear on. Not a good time


My level 60 twinks have around 5500hp compared to 120s whoa re scaled down to 60 who usually have around 7-8k hp. I think its probably because of azerite gears huge amounts of stamina though.


yeah, it’s absolutely insufferable for anyone under 120. the balance is waaaaay off and mounts are quite slower.


Please review this. Not everyone at level 120. At moment am just a mobile honour node for 120s.


This needs to be hotfixed asap. This really needs priority.


yup. this is complete sh!t. My friend just subbed and is level 44 and we did AV because I was like this will be fun to do together. WRONG he got one shoted and so DID I over and over. really really bad BLIZZ. BLUE WAKE UP!!!

(Sterly) #10

It’s like they put zero QA time into any of this anniversary content before pushing it to live. You know, just like with all other live content.


tell me about it. Once they find out you are a low level i had people ( demon hunters ) tracking me down and 1 shoting me lol. I am considering quing up on three accounts tonight as low levels going for max deaths.


please fix this. Atari is laughing at you blizz


please fix this!!!


can we please get this fixed for Harambe?


yes !!! fix it for me please


Still absolutely terrible. Got my daggers so most likely wont go back.