Animaflow Teleporter only to Tremaculum? Bug or intended?

When Korthia came out, any characters which had not yet finished Ve’nari’s rules quests were no longer able to complete those quests. (I assume the quests have been removed since Ve’nari no longer offers them.) But this seems to have effected the Animaflow Teleporter in Ve’nari’s area for those characters. Characters which had not completed the now-removed quest to open the Beastwarrens do NOT have Beastwarrens as a travel option on the Animaflow Teleporter.

Is this intended or a bug? Can the option be opened without the quests? Also, what about the Tremaculum destination on the Animaflow Teleporter for as-yet unleveled characters who will now never have access to any of Ve’nari’s rules quests?

Hmm, I don’t think all of the “Rules” quests are removed. One of the quests was actually mentioned in hotfix notes tonight.


I just saw someone get the Make it Double! achievement (which you get from turning in Rule 6: Concealment is Everything quest).

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I can confirm I picked up the Rule 6 quest today.


Interesting. So the problem might be that she’s not offering them to me? Because after I did the Korthia intro on any character, they were removed from that character, except for ones I still had in my log.

(And one character, I had one of the quests, abandoned it for space to pick up other quests then it wasn’t there to go pick up again when I went back to Ve’nari. So it’s not a case of rep with her.)

As I understand it, some of those quests depend on how Ve’nari feels about you. Unlocking the Beastwarrens option for the Animaflow Teleporter comes from the Rule 5 quest, which requires Ve’nari to be at Ambivalent with them.

Your Demon Hunter and Shaman are at Apprehensive, so two levels down. Your Druid appears to be one level lower than that.

I’m not sure what quests you may have seen prior to 9.1, but from everything I could find the ones qualifying those characters to unlock the Beastwarrens shouldn’t have been among them.


Hmmm… I will look again!! Maybe there’s something I missed there. :slight_smile: Thank you for the pointer! I was super hoping they weren’t gone. :slight_smile:

(If nothing else, I love to hear Ve’nari’s voice actor tell me to “be audacious when the situation demands it…” :joy: It’s honestly my favorite line of hers!)

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