<Angry Mob> 6/9M now accepting DPS refugees

Did your guild fall apart? Not progressing as much as you’d hoped? Did you pick a server name that looked cool and now you’re stuck here and don’t want to have to transfer to find a good raiding guild? Do not fret, Angry Mob has been rolling through BoD like a snowball, gathering talented friends to help us take down Elsa. Hop on board before we roll on by!

Contact myself Livie-Spinebreaker, Jeszaera-Gorefiend, or Jandoo-Gorefiend to learn more!

discord: livie#4169 bnet: livie#11751

NEWS UPDATE We have moved to Mal’Ganis so this post is now N/A for this forum but if anyone wants to join us there still feel free to get in touch!

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