Angry casuals and S4

Most US guilds don’t even have the skip yet lol I think only the top 100US might right now.

And again, 2 day guilds. Sure if you raid 9-12 hours you’ll likely sell mounts still.

Just 100% depends how hard fated raid scaling is tbh. If mythic is as hard as a normal tier heroic then will likely be a few resets before you see a lot of guilds kill sire/Sylv

What? People who raid and M+ care a lot about the mounts. I don’t think I’ve met a single raider who didn’t want the mounts from the raids. They just actually get them… from you know… raiding. I always want the new mounts. I do KSM the 1st week it’s out to get the mount fast, then AOTC fast to flex that too. We love mounts. Love’em more because they require at least some amount of work and skill to achieve fast.

Normally there is none. The ordinary progression at the end of an expansion is sitting on the same content for about a year. The fact that there’s anything new at all is an improvement, even if it’s mostly rehashing.

M0s do exist, and unlike what certain people seem to think they’re actually not impossible to get into.

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I imagine there’s a lot of people that do I guess. I just don’t because Sylv mount > the rest :wink:

But honestly just like mythic because it’s a really hard challenge on a casual raid schedule.

No it’s just merely me going and saying ''omgerd, why are people complaining about something I FIND that is so silly… ‘’ .

They are just stirring the pot or don’t understand that ‘‘HEY, OTHER PEOPLE have different opinions on stuff that don’t align with mine’’ who woulda thunk it.

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That’s what I’m trying to get at. Instead of nothing for 10-12 months you get SOMETHING. If they added any more features it would be an entire raid patch lol this is just a few devs passion project.

Probably took a LOT of convincing management to even get them to dedicate a single resource to this. Yet people want to complain about world quests and slime cats zzzzzz

I can’t rap my head around it either and I do LFR a lot. It’s a stupid mount. I’m not going to lose my lunch over it. Entitled generation at its finest.

Something not adding up here.

Learning how to tune and bring forward old content again = good for everyone in the future.

It might not benefit you now, but eventually you alliance weebers will have all the zones to pick flowers in with max level mobs don’t worry.

Oh, I see this is less about how Blizzard decided to “clarify” the achievement after letting people be excited for it for months and more about flexing.

Carry on.


Again, I completely agree. Add it to LFR because it should be there.

LFR is harder than normal and takes more time. No reason to not be there.

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That’s kinda part of what the forums are for though.

You know it’s even better than recycling and rehashing the same content over and over again? Making new content.

That I am completely on board with. I haven’t played since Legion (the catchup and adjustment to SL has been… a task). So the idea that I can actually get groups and experience these old tiers is really exciting to me. Probably the most excited I have been for a patch in a long time.

It’s just really weak that they let people set their sights on an end of an expansion goal - a contest winning mount at that - and then just pull the rug out last minute.

For sure. But this is a TRIAL. This is a very small half season that has half the content to just test until prepatch. Every other xpac is NOTHING the last few months… but this time we are lucky and get something. Yet everyone complains because it isn’t a full patch

Its a flat 30% buff + the affix.

Weekly lockout. Not the same as World stuff. But again his point was “everybody”. And that is frankly put false.

Normally there also isnt an extra season. That argument doesnt fly. Could have easily upped the WQs as well. Even if you just throw fated over the zones with a toggle on toggle off or whatever. But, again, as stated above: I jumped at his “everybody” argument.

Dont be ridiculous if you want to be taken serious

Read why the people complain in the first place. Great you dont care about the slime cat. Good for you. Others do.


That alone tells me you havent paid attention to the threads at all.


I honestly don’t even know the context because the slime cat drama because I could care less about some random mount like that generally.

I do think it’s always bad to exclude people when you have multiple raid difficulties for a reason. I’m sure they will add it back to LFR or normal will be a BREEZE and everyone will get it anyway.

I personally picked WoW because it offered solo world content and advertised it widely vs the other MMOs of the day.

I picked it because it was the Hello Kitty MMORPG that catered to casuals at the expense of the hardcore.

Back then hardcore were EQ and EQ2. WoW was the equivalent of maybe, Maple Story level of engagement

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Where did you see 30% buff lmao that doesn’t even make sense? That’s not how scaling works. That would make mythic sepulcher almost impossible but sire a meme.

You also have to realize what a small fraction of players only do WQs is. It is a very small team working on this and even doing that is probably a substantial time sink. And it can’t be reused in the future. They already know how to scale zones… not raids.