Angerforge Needs Merge with Skyfury

that’s irrelevant i’m strictly talking about player pop

The fact that theres not enough people to pug raids… that just speaks for itself… other servers you can open up the LFG tool and pug naxx 24/7

10 man or 25 man?

I’ve noticed Skyfury has a severe lack of priests, so many groups needing priests.

All non-megaservers will be dead by phase 2. Enjoy.

i run a guild on this server, and i have followed the population trackers and being a established day 1 guild on this server with 35 players on at peak hours. for my non-hardcore players or people still leveling. it is impossible to find guilds. you can check server pop right now. 16% of the 2k concurrent wow players on this server are 80. thats 320 players divide that in half for your own faction you tell me a community of 160 players at peak hours is enough to do all content. you are out of your mind if you think this is a healthy server

If only anyone saw this coming…


You’ll be ok.

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not sure what content ur clearing, we are not talking about guild only content try pugging and leveling a new character and get a dung GL mate.

Ding ding ding this!!! All these idiots crying then and crying now. What did you really expect???

I literally got invited to VoA 10/25 while I was just afking in Dalaran lol wasn’t even signed up in LFG or anything. Did 3/4 of Naxx last night as well.

As far as leveling alts, I have two and have had no issues finding groups (if anything it’s easier to get dungeons the lower you go).

You got invited while AFK’ing in Dal because there’s such a lack of level 80s, they had to search the /who list and invite every single one, which you happened to be. You’re proving the main point just by admitting they’re inviting literally anyone they can to fill a 25 man lol.

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that is the most bs thing I’ve ever read lmao. There is barely anyone playing even at 10:00pm It’s insanely hard to get into dungeon groups for leveling.

you can’t transfer back to skyfury though? I couldn’t make a character on skyfury cus it was locked now me and friends are stuck on a dead server :smiley:

mega server players won’t be happy until the only remaining realms are bene and faerlina. Skyfury is fine, anyone shaking a stick at 12k players as “dead” is actually hurting the game and server populations. Do you want this to go back to 4 hour (at best) wait times? Babies chasing convenience will never be happy.

Post on your Angerforge character please :blush:

Angerforge is dead and you don’t need anyone from this dump to tell you the truth.

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I stopped playing on Angerforge mainly because LFG chat was literally just complaining about politics and people outright harassing others. No one used general, no one used trade. It is an absolute cancer server where 20-30 people spam LookingForGroup all day long about the most WoW unrelated crap ever while people trying to form parties go unnoticed because of how fast the irrelevant chat moves. Angerforge killed itself and any hope of finding groups for content quickly when the only crappy available tools were abused by edgelords.

The current dev team doesn’t have the skills to pull off a server merge.

It will never happen. Give up.


Ever hear of Sulfuras?

Why? I’ve seen you defend the fact that is not dead with made up false numbers so I dont need to give you the time of day thanks though