Angerforge dead - please let us transfer

Dear blizzard representative,

Please make the option available to transfer from Angerforge to a populated server.

The main reason I took the free transfer from Skyfury to Angerforge is because I did not want to deal with the Qs

On alliance side, there has been a online character decrease of about 65% in the past 2 weeks. From 1800 active alliance players down to 500.

whenever I check with
/who warlock 80
/who Druid 80
Etc during peak times

Count up every class, we have about 200-300 level 80s online. Only class that shows at 50+ is paladins.

I just want to be able to play the game with the character I leveled from 1-80. Please make that option available by opening up transfers to Skyfury or any other populated server.

Data from these sources
ironforge pro
Own research


100% Agree


let us transfer i am sad boi on angerforge


the server definitely has fallen off recently. on top of the cited numbers (imo due to dragonflight but who knows) you can see that the server’s lfg chat has taken up a general “old man yelling at clouds” character. Having played on dying servers before, that’s a sign that angerforge is circling the drain.


You are free to pay for your transfer to one of the open realms.

Of course we are free to pay? Nobody said otherwise? The fact is we shouldn’t HAVE to pay blizzard should fix the issue they caused by locking skyfury when it never even had ques. They should just merge the two fresh servers its an easy quick fix solution.

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Transferring now Atiesh, as it’s the only server I had a char on before it got locked, but really there isn’t an option for any properly filled server to transfer to for everyone else. I say merge the servers with Skyfury and if there is a need for it make only one extra pvp unlocked server so that it fills up. It was a good run everyone, but the server is very slow.

I leveled 1-80 on Angerforge, and I desperately want off.

Haven’t seen a post in LFG in over 30 minutes lmao