<Anger Mismanagement>: 8/8 Heroic Only Horde Guild LFM RDPS for Battle for Daz! (Thrall)

Anger Mismanagement is a casually competitive heroic only guild (8/8 N, 8/8 H) looking to recruit RDPS/ one Holy/Disc Priest on the US Thrall server for our core progression raid group. We are looking for geared for content (350+) ranged DPS, but, will consider geared melee (and hybrid healers/dps) as well!

Our raid schedule is:
Tuesday 8-11 PM EST
Thursday 8-11 PM EST

Who are you?
Looking to see content without committing to the progression grind of a Mythic guild? Looking to get stuff done with a mature, adult guild that will help your improve your game without yelling at you? Able to commit and show up reliably to raid 2 nights a week and if you aren’t going to make it, be able to communicate that? Are you tired of PUG life? Do you like working on M+ on off nights and old achievements with a laid back group of adults? Then you’d probably be a good fit!

Who are we?
Anger Mismanagement has been a small, close knit guild that has raided and completed each raid tier successfully since WOTLK - where we began as the 10 man arm of the 25 man raid team that wanted to focus on achievements, hard modes (Undying Runs, TOC mount runs, Algalon, etc all done when current) etc. while still keeping competitive in 25’s. When the next xpac dropped and 10 man guilds became officially viable with no difference from 25’s, AM was officially born. Over the years we’ve grown our numbers due to flex and find ourselves at a junction where we have too many healers to remain as small as we’ve been!

We have good off-night numbers and for the majority of this expansion we have been raiding with roughly 20 people - but due to some recent real life changes among some of our DPS, we need to fill some holes in our roster. If you’re a good fit, this would be a permanent spot. We are open to the idea of people raiding cross server with us permanently but are unable to transfer.

Priority Classes:
Balance Druid

Lower Priority
Any Ranged Caster Classes Not listed

If any of this sounds good to you, please reach out!(Crank
#1304) We are still farming Heroic weekly and are now 6/8 for the Meta Mount achievement. Willing to help gear up the right person.