Anger forge to skyfury

So the population of anger forge seems to have dipped dramatically. My friend says they are offering free transfers to sky fury… but why? What was the problem with anger forge?, when I first started the zones we’re packed, why did everyone jump ship?

Is going to sky fury worth it? I haven’t had a lot of luck with groups on angerfore in a while but I’m really just confused to why the transfers were enabled or why people decided to swap

On a side note I thought anger forge was PVP RP realm but it shows at just pvp now, did that change or am I crazy.

It was never RP, and yea I don’t know where you have been but the server died a long time ago.

Most people didn’t even hit 80 before leaving and the ones who did had nobody to group with at max level.

Xfer to skyfury if you want its just angerforge with people on it.

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