Anetheron Server at Launch

Anyone here play on Anetheron at server launch?

Anyone remember some big names?

Some come to mind:

Guilds like:
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John Rambo was the alpha lock back in the day. We played in Reign together until it broke up. The guild leaders sold all of our Naxx armor pieces so they could get AQ40 gear sets. That was the end of that.

“Noooot baaaad.”


Law was… interesting. Cam was such a slave driver it made the guild have a rigid and anxious feeling. I ran BWL with them a few times and could not handle the attitude.

The PVP community was great on Anetheron. We had some Rank 14s in our guild as well. Very fun times.

What character were you? I was a human priest named Msdash.

I remember Johnrambo. He had several lock toons, always very active on the old forums back in the day. There was an orc shaman who was always arguing with him and others on there as well.

I played on Anetheron until BC launched and a few RL friends were moving over to Tortheldrin to reroll BE’s.

Pretty sure that orc shaman was Swagger.

Hi Swagger

Yes I was here…
Anyone from the The Fifth Star still playing wow?

I played a mage and a warlock (Jayjinx) I was an officer in the guild for a while. Did MC and prog in BWL with the guild, in TBC went through all raiding content through the first few bosses in Black temple.

Baelnic -GM?
Tyrandor -Rogue Had a priest partner in 2s who played a hunter as well
Kreos -Warrior main tank did 2s with a Paladin, played a druid with me in 2s for a bit and we had a good 5v5 for a while
Deadlyaim -druid my 2s partner

So many more I can’t remember all.

Yes I remember Johnrambo, had him beat in a mirror duel but he potted :P.