And warlocks, the other pet class, get...?

I will be weirdly tempted to go back to being a panda if we get cloud serpents.

DHs are the other brain dead class, but they are getting some nerfs in SL to make them less brain dead. At least for DHs, they have to somewhat stay awake and they don’t have a pet that plays the game for them.

Rogues are ok, they are a meta in mythic+, same with hunters.

I have a BM alt that just farms rares for mounts. I log in and when I attack, my pet does everything while I watch YouTube. That aught not be. How can a pet be more active involve? Do you want them to log into the game for you, too?

Properly managing your pet is important otherwise they’re just a dot. A potent one, certainly, but you aren’t clearing any real content with just them . The heal and purge on a spirit beast also gives you some more options for utility which is why they’re the only thing people run unless you need primal rage or are playing pvp. A lot of the “difficulty” (because it isn’t exceptionally difficult, it just has room for growth that a lot don’t really utilize) comes from properly managing buffs, spreading your aoe properly, managing your pets for optimal damage uptime, and then more hunter-in-general stuff like traps, positioning, stuns, etc. Plus gearing, because the only way to really get the dps that the sims are showing is with specific combinations of corruptions and azerite traits to stack crit and dance of death damage (or for aoe rapid reload). There’s a reason that you see a major discrepancy between theoretical bm damage values and what is actually showing up in fights; bm output is not nearly as broken as some people believe without corruptions and azerite traits.

Make their abilities more impactful to encourage people to manage their pets. You can get by just fine spamming cobra shot and kill command and completely ignoring how your pet spends energy because they’ve reduced most of your pet’s abilities to almost nothing. If they gave pets ways to deal damage that were more dependent on player involvement, then it would make the class more engaging and you would see a stratification of players more similar to what you see on other classes.

This also ignores the other two specs, but Blizzard has to decide to do something about hunters before we can worry about how they’ll make the class actually enjoyable to play.

Pit Lords please. Not kidding.


Please no


They said that pitlord is too big to be a pet, but honestly i don’t have any problem with a tiny pit lort, love them xD

No, we aren’t getting anything lore wise, or class customization wise.

We are getting some nerfs… if that counts.

Yep, twice actually. We just got hit with nerfs, and will be hit again at prelaunch.

Yep, we still have bugs with our pets that have been around for … well, for ever. Also, our Voidwalker scales poorly, and becomes worthless end game, but we are forced to use a pet because GoSac is in a bad location… :man_shrugging:

This is fair. While I wouldn’t say Hunters are as complex as some of the other classes, they aren’t braindead easy.

It’s sad that the last expansion we got representation in was Mists… super sad, actually.

Our pets actually limit our abilities, not improve them. Our abilities are tied to pets, exclusive to certain pets, and lost when they die or are disabled. On top of that they actually do terrible damage. GoSac would be the best option, but it’s in a really bad spot.

Yes, Hunters compared to some classes are easier to play. Rogues by comparison are much more complex.

Sorry for so many responses at once, but I’m really late to the party.

Also, to anyone hoping for great changes for Warlocks… How many years did it take Blizzard to fix Doom? It was essentially the worst talented ability/ability in the game bar none. It was essentially the worst ability… for years.

This is what Blizzard thinks of Locks. This is how much they care.


Hunter is the very definition of (very) easy to pick up and (very) hard to master. Specially in PvP.

Here’s an example why. Our primary CC is on a 30 seconds CD, you whiff it, it gets eaten by a pet, whatever, you’re SOL and in high level games you NEED to land them as your damage is balanced around the fact this is part of how you generate pressure, this is why Survival is one of the few melee classes with like 5 gcds of ramp up before it does anything at all.

On a Warlock you get kicked on Fear, you can use it again in 3 seconds, and you got CDs that make you immune to kicks completely.

Why do you think barely anyone plays them at a high level?

Speaking for Warlocks anyway, people think they’ve wanted more pet-centric class design, but they really don’t. It’s a micromanagement hassle that players have always skirted when quality of life comes knocking. And since the beginning of this game, they have yet to even get close to a proper pet spec in the game. 15 years later they’re still whiffing. GW1 had a proper pet class in the Necromancer. The template’s right there.

I would really like it if warlocks could tame demons and shamans could tame elementals.


Warlocks will get what we always get at the beginning of a new expansion - the choice to adapt or play another class. I remember Eyonix telling us basically to deal with it when it came to warlock pet customization - i.e., not going to happen. I think he was fond of soul shards too. I would hope after all these years that is no longer the case.


Tried to find the Blue Post but I honestly can’t find anything; if anything he even suggested warlocks and paladins getting a flying class mount one day, with Warlocks getting something with wings (alas, we got a flying horse with no wings, which is still cool but imagine Wrathsteed with WINGS)

But yes he was very pro-Soul-Shards and we’ve now returned to that universal design so here we are lol

CD. One (1) CD. Not plural. Lol

Where are my winged eredar ladies blizzard!?

Where are they!?


To be fair, I’d rather play one than have one as a minion.

Sadly the more I see the more I am inclined to shelve my Lock and Shadow Priest in SL. I just see them being more of a hassle to main. So far nothing I see I really like for the classes.

I’ll always main a Warlock, no matter how much crap we do or do not get.

That being said, I think Warlocks should be allowed to tame Shadow Priests. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not had problems with it holding aggro. Unless I accidentally turned off the taunt.
Maybe I am doing affliction wrong.

Imagine thinking any class in this game is difficult or complex. Also imagine farming old raids somehow giving you any idea how a class plays. If I want to run through old content my rotation consists of “spam arcane explosion, blink on cool down to speed things up”. In the current design the complexity comes down to the encounter, not the class.

EDIT: On topic, fully in support of tameable demon menageries.

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I’m all in for some winged eredar ladies and what about the eredar twins in our class hall? :eyes:

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With my plan, they could be enslaved only for Demonology!