And Justice for Thrall Garrosh Glitch

im doing the Justice for Thrall quest in Nagrad, and i get to the last part to fight Garrosh but mid way though me and Durotan get perma stunned i eventually come out of the stun but i can no longer hit Garrosh but hes still pumpling me but i take no damage. I leave the Fighting Area to come back to no Durotan. SO i try to fight him Solo but the same thing happens. I have Dropped and picked up the quest more then once but it keeps happening.

I am literally having the same issue I’ve even switched to not having a pet to see if my pet was the problem… I’ve also abandoned and started it over with no success :confused:

Same issue here. Have abandoned the quest and played through again very slowly and still end up at the same point. My suspicion is that the client is trying to play a cutscene on his death and failing, but regardless, I can’t seem to complete this right now…the last quest I need for achievement “Nagrandeur” (working on Draenor flying to make my alt’s levelling more pleasant)

Edit: Just tried for a third time, with nothing but auto attacks on my 120 mage, and the same thing happened., i.e. around 50% i get a long stun after which he is no longer targetable.