Anathema Sky Redux

If you were around during vanilla days on Agamaggan then you know what this post means.

I am looking for individuals who possess a certain set of skills involving killing all red named players until most if not all of us reach rank 14 or whatever your desired rank is. Realm names haven’t been released yet but if Agamaggan is one of them then I will play there. HMU

All returning Asky members get automatic invites. I’m playing warrior this time.

P.S. Doing Alliance this time because I already did the horde thang and alliance plate armor/weapons look way better. Don’t get too wrapped up in the politics of horde vs. alliance here. There will be more horde so we don’t have to wait so long for BG queues and there will be endless amounts of people to kill in world PvP.

Battletag: Hadoken#1456

Join the community group here:

This post made my old, bitter heart skip a beat…


We should coordinate a revival perhaps… I saw that other post of alliance getting back together. I made a community if you wanna join it just add my battletag and HMU

That’d be awesome. I’ll do that this evening!

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Missed ya last night bud. Don’t forget!

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I’ve been looking for you guys! I’ll reach out to you, the Alliance thing has got me sad though haha.

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Mudshovel btw ^^ , The community group link has expired, HMU at mudshovel#1393

Stabsfast here. Rank 13 gnome rogue from the angry carebears. Then founding officer of disbanded when the carebears disbanded lol. I’m now married and a father of 2 so I probably won’t be rank grinding but I’ll be down to melt faces when I do play.

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Thanks everyone! All posts have been followed up if anyone is wondering if this thread is still actively monitored, it is.

Also see:

It’s a forum made by blizz to reconnect with others from Aga

Oh please… I can’t believe I could kind of cross paths with Hadoken and his gang. Glad to see we are going to share capital cities. Please, update the community group link so I can join you guys.

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AngrySnake, AngryDragon, and a couple other Angry names. going to go horde with AngryMonkey. Married Father of 2 also


Those links expire quick. It’s better to just add me by battletag and I can send an invite. Hadoken#1456

Love you guys and wish you the best of luck.



Angry Carebears in WSG was fun times. :slight_smile:
-Hordegam Vicious Cycle


1 hour for launch!!!

Gawd ur sexy!


No you’re breath-taking!

I remember you on vanilla PVP. You were tough to beat!

I used to play a Gnome Mage, named Faridz. My guild was Clarity.

You guys still play Vanilla? On what realm?

There was nothing more fun than being invited to an Asky premade to help fill it out. So many PvP legends in one place, I’ll always have fond memories of those times.

Late reply, I know, but seeing some of these names is bringing back memories.
Used to run around with Menethil Shadowstep Clan up to the start of Wrath, was later known as Lilus in Royal Knights.

Starting slow. Just have this warrior freshly moved to Aga. Eventually bringing my DK in about a week, but undecided on if I’m keeping her as Horde or converting back to Alliance.

What’s the current state of things on Aga (and by extension the other connected servers as well)?