(A/N-RP) T&C Consortium - LF Long-Term RP Friends!

T&C Consortium

"Y'know, I may have something for that."
OOC: T&C Consortium is a neutral, non-guild RP organization focused on creating a small network of specialized, collaborative tradespeople. The essential pillars of this group will be adventuring, crafting, socializing, and diplomacy. Moon Guard has an incredible range of characters with an IC profession; this concept is a way to highlight those aspects. In addition, given its non-guild status, the intention is for this to be a casual environment. While we hope to have group storylines and events, its freeform/flexible backbone gives players the flexibility to put their own guilds/groups first!
IC: "Nestled deep within the southwestern Arathi mountains, Gearwind serves as the primary research facility for the group known as T&C Consortium. Initially conceived as 'T&C Machinery' by steam engineer Rodger Tornil, this organization has been reworked and transformed to welcome a wide range of tradespeople. The goal? Serve as a hub for groundbreaking innovation and development, and the creation of new tradelines to the various groups across Azeroth."

The Basics:

  • Non-guild group focused on adventure/IC professions (think long-term RP friends!)
  • Member-driven storylines that focus on the advancement of the professional advancement of characters, or general adventure-based expeditions
  • Interacting with the larger Moon Guard RP community (social/trade/diplomacy/etc.)
  • No significant commitments - casual RP when time permits!

If this sounds interesting to you...

In-Game: Tornil

Discord: BasedG#4325

Feel free to contact me in-game or via Discord at any time!

To reiterate, this would be a neutral organization so Alliance and Horde are completely welcome! I recently returned from a long hiatus, and I thought this might be an exciting way to re-develop a fun and close-knit casual RP community without having to potentially displace our characters outside of the groups we’re already in!


This sounds like a really fun idea. My mechagnome would be right at home.


Sounds like a great fit! Always looking for more folks to bring into the group - shoot me a message in-game or on discord sometime, looking forward to meeting your character!