An Open Letter: Please Blizzard, fix Wild Growth!

Just like how RDF is still not implimented and probably never will be.

bumpity bump bump!

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more bumpage

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bump for Blizz attention

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icc is almost here and wild growth is still bugged

Honestly, I could care less about pets. Half the time, they are a burden to the raid. Besides maybe a moment of Army of the dead saving dps or healers from aggro. It is far to easy for the pet owner to revive their pet after the fight, not going to waste mana on it.
The only thing I make sure to do regularly is regen locks so they can lifetap to regain mana and keep my casters innervated to boost their dps.


Still here blizz


From the patchnotes for the 3.4.3 PTR:

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It only took the intern an entire year to fix it



Be happy it is fixed or is about to be fixed.

Congrats, it finally got done

Never forget it took them like a day and a half to fix the fiery weapon triggering deep wounds.


I will retire now.

Everyone who trolled I thank you too for the bumps along the way.

Everyone especially class traitors who advocated for no changes you’re not allowed to use WG in ICC.

Love to the druid community. Blizzard thank you and side eye honestly took you long enough.



It finally happened!

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Thought I’d be happy if it ever happened but tbh I’m just really bitter and resentful.
Eleven months to change it, when they fell over themselves to fix other things. Telling us that’s how it worked back in the day because classic feelz, but changing other things or introducing entirely new features. So hypocritical.

In the same vein, letting realms die while stubbornly sticking to the idea that we can’t have RDF because we want to preserve a sense of community and realm identity. How can my realm have a sense of identity/community when it is almost dead? Where’s the sense of realm identity when we’re forced onto the only remaining megaserver? RDF and cross-realm AH would have gone a long way to preventing realms from dying. I would prefer to stay on my small, non-toxic realm but it is getting to the point that we can’t. And then they finally announce RDF AFTER they enable free transfers and most people have already left. It’s too late. Such a kick in the teeth.

I’m so angry that they drag their feet on things for so long and use excuses that don’t pass the sniff test. They’re either wildly out of touch and don’t understand, or they do understand but they don’t care - I’m not sure which is worse. It’s all been so disheartening.


Nah. I’m going to be annoyed that such a simple bug took over a year to fix

Meanwhile other bugs got hotfixed within 72 hours because they were actually beneficial to players

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Ok… well you do you, I am going to focus my energy on positive things.

It didn’t take them 11 months to address it. They addressed it much earlier, saying they weren’t going to change it.

Yeah, this is another reason why I’m still salty. They acknowledged that it was a problem but then threw their hands up and said “nochanges”

…and then proceeded to give tons of changes to other classes.

Apparently nobody on the dev team plays resto druid


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