An Open Letter: Please Blizzard, fix Wild Growth!

Dear Blizzard,

Wild Growth is the capstone talent point in the Resto Tree and should be our most powerful healing spell. As it stands, the spell is completely broken-- prioritizing non-players over players due to their lower health (DK Army of the dead, ghouls, shaman wolves, boomkin treents, mage mirror images, warlock and hunter pets, even DK blood worms!)

So in a given cast of WG, even when actual players are taking damage, the spell will not hit them. Sometimes it hits 1 player, sometimes 2, sometimes zero in favor of lower health targets like pets. This often trivializes a spell that should be our most powerful and makes it so unreliable that I’ve resorted to barely using it when in a sticky situation.

Other healers have smart heals that prioritize players regardless of pet health (i.e. chain heal, circle of healing) Please Blizzard, do the right thing and fix Wild Growth to prioritize players too. We are not asking for special treatment, only equity.

The entire Resto Druid community


Equality is the word you are looking for.

Equity means something considerably different.


No, I meant equity. But thank you for the bump.


the right world would be eqaulity not equity. you are looking for wild growth to be eqaul to chain heal and circle of healing, mechanically. equity means something entirely different.

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I wasn’t expecting this thread to become a conversation about semantics. You are right, I suppose, about equality in regards to the treatment of a smart heal. But I also recognize that not all healing classes are created equal, and we all have different niches. Wild Growth, even with this change, would not be equal to circle of healing or chain heal. Equity in regards to fair treatment based on the particular needs of RDruids as primary raid healers. Regardless, I think my point is understood here.


this would be a great fix for resto druids in raids

Appreciate the bump. Don’t appreciate the name calling.

Equity noun (FAIRNESS)
the situation in which everyone is treated fairly according to their needs and no group of people is given special treatment.
-Cambridge Dictionary

May we please focus on the issue at hand which is about Wild Growth?


While i agree WG should work like the other heals (which will hurt me when it does because i main hunter and i like my pet getting healed) you may want to look at the definition of Equality. Equity means everyone gets the same results. Equality means everyone is treated equally. Treating WG equally would mean it behaves like other smart heals, which is what you are asking for.

Yes I understand. Perhaps my initial wording was unclear. Equality for the mechanic of the spell. Equity for the Druid class. Let’s leave it at that.

In regards to your pet, we could still choose to heal the pet just as a sham can target a pet with chain heal. Also I would rather throw out an extra rejuv on a pet than have 5/6 of my wild growths on ghouls worms and mirror images.

puhlease, healers don’t touch pets because it doesn’t go toward their logs. don’t even pretend that you could choose its the fact you don’t choose to.

again you want your spec to be treated equally. if WG is indeed broken you want them to take the time to fix it like they have fixed other things. its call equal treatment. thus you want equality. because at that point it means you’re broken spell will be treated like all the other bugged or broken pieces of the game and get fixed like pets got fixed. again go quote sanq.

Ok clearly you know nothing about healing. Healer parses do not matter in any way, raid survivability does. Decent healers have pet frames. Regardless, if a heal is going to save a ghoul or a DK… I’d rather the DK.

Plus, as a side note, we have revitalize WG should be an excellent way to maximize revit procs even on full hp targets.


you misread what i said. i said you guys don’t focus pets. and i stated very few healers that will toss a pet a heal. you misread what i said entirely. this is not a troll. further more how long do you think it takes to res and mend pet? or to resummon my ghoul? 30 seconds for the ghoul. 10+ seconds to revive pet. i’m not trolling when i say you guys care far more about beating someone in HPS than making sure that a pet gets even a moderate heal. oh and i know this because we have two hpals and soon as the parsing Hpal would put up throw up i think its his sacred shield? the other would throw it right on top his target.

i also find it very cute you keep editing your post. calling me a troll in the initial post. then soft changing it through out me responding. you clearly don’t give a damn about pet classes. its okay. most healers don’t give a damn about them either. no love lost.

Really I wanted to retract calling you a troll so it wouldn’t continue to feed you. The actions of two paladins in your guild are irrelevant. And you’re making it sound like fixing wild growth would destroy all pet classes everywhere. Another fallacy.


In the future don’t even respond to comments that aren’t relevant to why you made the post. There’s a gaggle of trolls that just surf looking for dumb ways to derail your thread.


semantics aside - I agree. Its ridiculous how it targets not just pets over players but temporary pets that cannot be healed. Some healers have an e-peen problem like dps do, but parses and meters do not matter, keeping players alive is #1, then pets and the “smart” heals should be able to prioritize accordingly


that is not what i am saying what i am saying is at this point you guys don’t even bother to heal pets at all. its not about whether you could or not. its that you don’t at all.

i don’t disagree with any of this. and what i bring up to healers they just shrug it off what i say entirely. like i said reviving a pet as a hunter is 10 seconds of not dpsing at all. and thats around at least 10% of the dps if i’m not mistaken and its at worst a 30 second CD for unholy. it’d just be nice to see a heal tossed our pets way when it gets low.

like this mage.

Again making hasty generalizations based on your limited interaction. Speaking on behalf of a class and role you do not play. Outraged about a fix to one spell in a toolkit that will do nothing but positively impact you.

Thank you others for the support.

I do heal pets (though I cannot speak for all healers), however in the grand scheme of things, keeping the mage alive who is about to die will be a priority over your pet and should be. Druids are reasonably likely to heal your pet with a rejuv now and then, and WG should still apply to pets, but not when there are players nearby who need it.
but yes I get that it takes away from a hunters dps to have to revive so its why I throw rejuvs or more when it is not an insane moment of healing