An Invitation

Many residents of Azeroth are surprised when they’re inundated with scrolls. Some receive them in the mail, others have them dropped off by eagle. Unfurling the scroll, people find an invitation in their tongue, inked with a paint brush and with a slight look of Pandaren calligraphy. For those familiar with the people involved, the scroll is addressed directly to them. All others receive a more generalized scroll, but still in an warm, inviting hand.

The letter reads:

"Please honor us with the pleasure of your presence at the wedding of Lo-Shing Flamemug and Yumao Pearblossom at 7pm on Saturday the 8th. The ceremony will take place at the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Specific location within the Vale to be announced the day of the wedding. (Periodic invasion of realitiy-altering tentacle people permitting.) Please keep in mind that both Horde and Alliance will be attending. If this would be an issue for you, we respectfully ask that you put aside your differences for one evening. Fighting (except possibly between in-laws in the traditional ‘her mum said what about our Maureen?!’ sense) will not be permitted.

A banquet will follow the ceremony. Please plan for several dozen courses. This being a Pandaren wedding, guests are encouraged to bring an extra set of clothing that is two sizes bigger than what they usually wear, to avoid the embarrassment of splitting clothes when leaving the banquet.

With affection and respect,

Lo-Shing Flamemug and Yumao Pearblossom"

((The event will happen at 7pm server time at in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. All are welcome, and please consider your character personally invited! Please let me know via this thread or in Discord if you’d like assistance in getting there. Elixir of Tongues will be given out! ))

((Edited to add the date, which I completely forgot! D’oh!))


((Yumao, to be clear, will this be in the under-invasion Vale, or will we be relying on Zidormi’s wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey?))

((Rakeri, hopefully, we’ll find a spot that’s not being invaded at that time. IC-ly, it’ll be without timey-wimey stuff, but we may have to adjust, depending on the circumstances. I’ll be sure to post day-of for the specific location!))

((Well, the reason I ask - me again, lol - is because if we’re going to have sub-120s attend, if we don’t have it phased, they won’t be able to see us. Not 100% sure.))

((You were totally right, Marennia!))

A second scroll arrives to various citizens of Azeroth. This one looks like it was put together with more haste. It is singed at the edges and smells of burnt smoke.

It reads:
"Change of plans, due to aforementioned reality-altering tentacle people. Please join us at the Shrine of Fellowship in the Jade Forest for the wedding of Lo-Shing Flamemug and Yumao Pearblossom, where N’zoth and his friends are most specifically not invited. "

((Please join us there! I will post the specific coords later today. Thank you!))