An Audience with the King

I can’t turn the quest in. At the keep looking at Lady Katrana. Quest complete , defias report in bag. Others around also can’t complete.

Edit: Party invite from a guild member let me change layers and turn in the quest.


Experiencing this same problem right now.


Same, still broken.


This bugged for me, trying to drop and pick up quest again now. Looks like it’s caused when someone else starts another quest with the Anduin NPC


Same issue for me

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I am having the same issue. I cannot turn in the quest.

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Someone triggered the Onyxia quest and I was able to turn it in after that reset. :slight_smile:

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Still no fix? I can’t seem to turn it in either… I’m going to out level that ring before I can turn in this quest


This issue is still occurring. I want to ask for this to be fixed this second since it’s been 25 days since the initial report, but I won’t bother with making you laugh at me.

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I had to come back several times. Sometimes she freezes in the onyxia questline. I got lucky, she ended up despawning like shes supposed to after revealing herself. When she respawned I could turn the quest in

yeah, same for me as well.

It’s the same for me and we’re now in October 2019… frustrating.

I’m having the same issue.

I think it was unable because of the onyxia questline, i waited a bit, someone came, did the quest, dragon yada ydada and after i turned it in no problem to the chick

Having same problem. Cleared after Onyxia sequence was done.

Still broken as of the date of this post. I had to wait for someone to start the Ony battle and re-spawn to turn in the quest.

Still an issue it would seem, is there an easier way to fix this?