Amory not updating after transfer


I transferred a few months ago, and the armory stopped updating my M+ scores. It shows me as having 0 Mythic+ done this season. I submitted a ticket and was told I was SoL as there is no fix for it, nor an ETA on one. This negatively impacts gameplay as it results in it looking like I do not participate in M+ runs as well as impacting aggregation on other 3rd party sites. Request if this is ever going to be fixed?

(Leens) #2

Yea this has happened to me as well.

I recently transferred my Druid and my Mage. Before transfer both toon’s armory showed my best mythic + done for each dungeon. After the transfer, it hasn’t upated, it actually shows I haven’t done any mythic + for season 2 LOL

But my raider io is fine.


Your raiderio is fine because it gets data from other people who you can with who don’t have the issue.
This is still a huge glaring issue that has been going on for months and blizzard will not fix it.