Amirdrassil: The Final Form

As the zone kicks you out if you try to enter, I rolled out my handy dandy Disposable Shaman™ and got these!

I am pretty hype about how it looks.


Amirdrassil is going to be one of the later Patch Zones I’d assume.

Oh this looks really nice.

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Where is the temple of elune? I hope its using some of that Suramar ruin architecture

As of now there is no obvious temple of elune or stone arcitecture. There are no NPCs either though, so hard to see if it is actually done.

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It looks rather beautiful.

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I found what appears to be a shrine ran by the Druids of the Antler. They even have HD ones to wear now.

I think this raised platform area is either for a portal, or it may serve as the temple of elune as it overlooks the moonwell and Amirdrassil itself functions as a roof.


How did you get past the Emerald Dream kicking you back out effect? I did the campaign on my DH, copied him to PTR, and couldn’t explore the island.

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I created a disposable shaman and used Far Sight.

I guess I need to see more of it but it looks more like a little village/town than a new capital city.

It is sorta spread out over the entire island and meshed into the forest. They went for what feels like a Val’sharah vibe.

There should be a central hub with more dwelings and massive temple of the moon, it just wont be home without it. I am getting strong Stromgarde vibes from this…
Just couple of garrison assets plopped down and we call it a city

Darnassus is still, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the game. I weep for its loss purely on an aesthetic level. This is a pale shadow of what Darnssus was, and it’s an insult to its memory tbh


They did say it was A home for Kaldorei but not THE home of all Kaldorei. So… I dunno.

Tyrande went 10,000 years without a giant temple until they constructed one in Darnassus anyways.


Where? Its THE home as far as I have seen and heard.

These 3 keep referencing some German interview by a WoW team member of unknown station.

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Ah. so I don’t care then if its not in the game.

I know a lot of people aren’t very happy about the night elves setting up camp on Amidrassil, but I think this looks so amazing and cozy. I think the spread out look kind of suits the night elves.


A new Harbor similar to Auberdine


Looks pretty cool.