Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live!

For raids:

  • Depreciating returns, remove raid lockouts.
  • timegate ilvl rather than drops on a weekly schedule, and give a range of ilvl cap for mode hardness.
  • Give participation reward cosmetics monthly to encourage reclears after beating the raid once.

For DF professions:

  • Actually let us grind for skill points instead of weekly hard caps that block us from grinding it out. It’s a boring waiting game and I unlearned DF professions and stopped doing solo stuff in DF over this.
  • Current state is them doubling down on Meaningful Choice from Shadowlands Covenants and turning it into a waiting out your sub time waiting game over skill point tree.

For normal DF activities:

  • Stop flooding our bags with currency items to force “engagement” with NPCs to artificially boost MAU metrics. It’s airport oribos all over again.

Currently playing old content because I like the grind. I avoid the current xpac regardless of content as they’re always held hostage by systems that ruin them. I like DF but not the freemium game trashing systems they pull. Gearing in this game is meaningless/valueless, so there is literally zero reason to play whatever is the current xpac that’s trolled out by Blizzard.

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Mages should never wear a tunic. See the travesty that was t8. It’s awful. F-

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Can you expand on that?

If that gear doesn’t then disappear into the nether if you don’t get it, I don’t care. Seems like it’s what the trading post is though.

I never really cared for professions. Some bloke will always farm it and then I just need the mats, which I would have needed were it me. The only thing I would change is up the drop rate of the patterns, and make it BoP or BoA for good measure.

It’s nowhere near as bad as the different anima currency flooding the bag since we have a reagent bag, but it can still be aggravating, particularly if you partake in various levels of content.


So excited the excessive timegating on LFR has been reduced!

Any word on whether or not heroic/timewalking dungeon gear will be getting another ilvl bump like it did for Season 2 and the Aberrus raid launch?

Currently heroics/timewalking drop 389 gear, which is enough to meet the 386 minimum for Aberrus LFR, but it will be far short for the new 424 minimum for Amirdrassil LFR. Is the intent for new and returning players not to gear up via dungeons for LFR, but rather by participating in the new world events instead?


I don’t mind getting raid quests at the end of campaigns, because raids are meant to be the end of the storyline, imo.

I mind when they gate the actual open world campaign behind the raid.

… well that’s just… sad. :frowning:


I don’t know if they’ve stated directly that the ilvl of heroic/timewalking rewards will be increased but it’s inconceivable that they wouldn’t be, especially since they’re now making heroic/timewalking dungeons contribute to Great Vault loot.


Lol another one of these

So you hate blizzard but love their games and won’t stop supporting them financially… go to a therapist

New world tree?



The usual answer to that is that they pay with gold. To which I replied: “So you pay Blizzard more, and also play enough to afford the token price…”


It’s a little odd that there’s a two week gap between LFR wings 3 and 4. Wish that was one week like all the others.

Though I’m VERY happy that it’s opening the same week as all the other wings and we will get to see the ending sooner than in the past. Thanks!


Is there a link to the new customizations for BELF and Druid?


we’re so happy for u


It may have to do with US Thanksgiving? I’m still in the camp that it all should be released at once

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They drop loot.


Thank you!! Looks like I made it in life!!

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U beat me to my next line

We are still missing the legendary for druids, but I’m still very hype about this patch overall.

absolutely fantastic class sets guys you really knocked it outta the park , except for warrior and paladin

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good to see they finally release LFR every week instead of unnecessary two weeks, ,minus the last wing.