[A][Malfurion] <Order Sixty-Six> Semi-Hardcore - Tue, Wed, Thur @8:00pm-11:00pm CST

Execute Order Sixty-Six

(This is a freshly made guild meant to form when Shadowlands launches in late 2020. New and old players welcome!)

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is looking for recruits to tag along on our journey through the Shadowlands. We will plan on raiding on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8pm to 11pm CST. We will also be participating in Mythic+ Dungeons, some PvP, and Shadowlands’ new Torghast Tower! (Not required, but recommended.)

We are currently accepting any classes and specs! It does not matter if they are new or pre-made characters. (Some of us want to experience the new leveling zone.)

This is a special thing that Shadowlands is offering. No one is required to choose a specific Covenant or soulbind. This is all meant for the player to choose depending on their own play style and preference. Enjoy your Covenant!

The only few things that you are required to do if you are raiding is to get any potions, flasks, food, or other consumables that will increase your output. Also, make sure you have your enchanting, rings, and other equipment to whatever stats you need to your specific role. The guild can help provide those reagents if need be. Lastly, make sure you do your homework. Before a raid, if it is a new encounter, look up any guides or videos available to help with understanding mechanics. Officers do not want to have to repeat themselves.

If you would like to join, send a message to @Daniel M.#3614 on discord. He shall send you a guild invite after answering a few questions. We shall see you in the Shadowlands!