Am i the only one who thinks random bg's should all have baseline gear?

right and i hope it changes in 10.0. otherwise i’ll happily advocate for wow to just die tbh trash game


Same, and it probably will.

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“I think that the current system is wonderful, and that it stays around in 9.2”

Which side are we on here? :upside_down_face:

Let’s hope it changes in 9.2

Hmm, at most they’ll make a few small alterations, I think. No full revamp type of thing.

they said it wont i think in the blue post in the CC forum

i might be misermembering but it read as in they’re content with max rank honor gear providing adequate stepping stone into rated arenas and arena conquest gear providing players with sought and desired significant power progression

don’t quote me on it though i haven’t slept yet

At the very least they could make the upgrade cost of honor gear somewhat reasonable, or ideally have it come fully upgraded.

Making all honor gear go to 249 in PVP is a very small change. Making all conquest gear go to 259 in PVP is also a very small change.

Keep all the rest of the silly PVE upgrade they have now.

It is just a handful of numbers to change.

I know it is stupid easy to change because they stealth nerfed all the PvP ilvl numbers within an hour after they first went on the PTR for 9.1.5.

dude those numbers they originally posted were SO GOOD

i was actually devastated when i found out they’d been changed a few hours later
that would have saved this season for me tbh

edit: think it was this

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Which would directly effect Token sales. Token sales > Subs. As proven with this last super successful Quarterly results.

If this drove their decision-making as so many would like to be believe then they’d have reverted back to the season 1 (Sinful) model of having Duelist gear be equivalent to Mythic raid pieces, and elite grant an end boss mythic tier weapon.

This whole system revolves around Token Sales + Time played metrics.
No need to argue this one out.
Lawyer fees + Golden Parachute, both apply.

PvP buyers all but disappeared this season, though. Last season saw a massive boom because, well, obviously, it was the first tier and that’s always the most hype, but the gear was also very desirable (but often not bis) for pve. You could also target stuff.

If they wanted to increase token revenue they’d continue implementing changes to encourage carries.

Yeah that is what I recall too.

Proof that it is a really simple change that could be essentially hot fixed at any time.

So make all PvP gear 249/259 in PvP for 9.2 and makes us all happy

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SL couldn’t have been better designed for boosting and token sales.


Lets look at the game which (imo) revolutionized pay to win tactics. Also one of the most successful games out there.
Candy Crush, at level 31 (one of many) there was a skill/difficulty gap which then was offered (for a fee) to purchase an item/method which would allow players a Much easier passage through. Nothing that would break the bank mind you, but this was super successful.
Create a difficulty gap, Offer a product that will help get over it with ease. At a price.
Candy Crush. King. Blizzard. Activison.
Would you adopt similar strategies from a marketing position? With this immense success…

nobody buying carries in bgs under level 60. so much effort for a cheeve at 60 while im smashing all of your alts in leveling bgs lol.

i thought gear didn’t matter you’re just that good?

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Who are you talking to?

everyone complaining about pvp at 60. if you dont want to go full neckbeard and get forced into rated content JUST to do random bgs there are other options. ego forces alot of people to grind on for a cheeve or a mount and i could care less about either. ive had fun under max level off and on for 15 years and haven’t had to step into arena or rbg one time.

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This is borderline unintelligible.

I thought that twinking died off.