Alts...Do They Really Need ZM?

Alts are family too.
Gear them properly.
If you neglect them they won’t be as good mains in possible future expansions.

Well the default second lego belt is unlocked account wide current? So if you don’t want to move it to another slot, you should be fine there. You can get cosmic flux from Torghast to craft it.

pretty sure there is a summoning stone there


This is my alt, so no gear upgrades for me in ZM.

I’m waiting to get flying on my main before I consider bringing alts over for 233 gear. That gear will help with running some old raids.

The essentias are good money right now. You can get the toxic spheroid in the helm you get from the campaign and just absolutely dunk on everything in zone. Not gonna lie it’s pretty fun.

Fun detected. Nerfed.

The damage of Toxicialic Fluidic Spheroid has been capped at 6% of the player’s maximum health.

It still does crazy damage. Still worth it. If they really nerf it into the ground I’ll just go back to 20% crit damage which is also pretty good.

One gem shouldn’t do 50k DPS. You guys are trolling. A tank with 90k HP still gets 1k DPS off that single gem which is a lot of extra DPS, that’s comparable a rank 5 Chaos Bane.

It’s certainly beneficial. I’d at least go for friendly for 213 conduits (I think that’s what it was), but having revered for a double legendary obviously will make a big difference too.

The zone doesn’t take much time per day but it’s understandable if you’d rather not bother. It might be worth doing it two days per week per alt to get the weekly done?

Someone in-game last night said to me - play one toon until flying so you don’t hate yourself and the game.

I think that person was right.

This is also extremely good advice. Flying will make Zereth Mortis a lot better. The zone feels designed to punish you for not having flying in many ways. This is a game design choice I am really heavily against and I don’t know why Blizzard continually does this…

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On-topic, I dipped my toe into ZM on several alts but in the long-run, aside from the 246 weapons, I’ll probably ignore it in favor of M+. This week is fantastic for catching up alts in M+ as the gear is capped at 255, so you don’t feel bad playing your alt instead of your main.

In 9 days I’ve taken my 226 Prot Warrior I didn’t play since S1 up to 238 in bags. I’ll probably get to go even more ham this weekend.

Zereth Mortis is designed to be optional, other than the campaign quest. And you only have to do that on one toon, since the legendary power is account-wide, as it’s the same power for all 12 classes.

For alts, we still need to farm cosmic flux, and get rep for 226 conduits, without those, I think ZM is mandatory right? before we aren’t going to get into tthe content without tthose things? and I don’t think people want to buy lower ilvl leggos, when they will have to buy the 291 leggos down the line for gold/irl money anyway right?

I mean a 265 legendary for a couple hours of questing ain’t bad. But if that isn’t incentive there isn’t a lot there actually

Naw, there’s always a solid catchup for alts in prepatch.

I feel like the conduit unlock is important to avoid RNG if you’re raiding on an alt. The rest is just convenience, like the raid FP and the belt if you don’t have the gold for two 291s right away.

well, I got geared up to 247 from pretty much heirlooms running the ZM stuff…so if you want gear, yeah, its worth it.

My mage was at Renown 58 because I’ve barely played her since Nathria. The campaign gives renown, which is handy.

Theres no need, after you unlocked the revered memory you can focus on raiding on your alts.

Its quite nice.

Im getting alts double legendary 225-235 really cheap. And then running LFR for Tier.