Alternative MW Tier Set Bonus

This could be interesting…

2PC: Roll/Chi Torpedo: When moving through players, it provides a Progenitor Rune upon, increasing all healing received by 123. While applying a debuff to enemies, increasing all damaged received by 123.

4PC: Drinking thunder Focus Tea provides an increase to your healing dealt for the next 123 seconds.

These changes would allow for us to continue being mobile while modifying an existing ability, making our play style more interesting and utilizing our strengths.

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I’d rather a generic versatility increase to increase damage or healing. I can’t be the only one who likes to use thunder focus tea on rising sun kick

Personally not a fan of having something tacked on to our mobility. If I have to start using roll/chi torpedo to heal would be upsetting.


I wouldn’t like anything being tied to roll at all ><

Renewing Mist is a good spell to have buffed by a tier set though.