Alterac Valley Updates

Dear Blizzard

I’ve been playing WoW for 16 years, and though I’m not a “hard core” gamer, I enjoy the time I get to spend in Azeroth.

I wanted to touch base on a topic that’s been bothering me for some time.

Alterac Valley

My favorite battleground - or at least it WAS.

From doing the many available quests, to the pvp (or course) as well as the task of spawning Ivus (or, if you’re an evil Horde player of course: Lokholar).

There was LOT to do, and it was fun.

Now however, with people obsessed with levelling as quickly as possible, we miss out on the fun.

It’s become just a race. At the beginning there’s ALWAYS someone saying "cap FW towers and “all in”.

I usually remain behind so I can at least cap the mine, and wait to bother horde players who cap our towers.

It’s so disappointing to watch all 40 of us race across the middle, while the entire horde team does the same. We could wave.

I only once managed to convince our whole team to attack their whole team (just for fun).

As a result, games usually only last about 10 minutes. Wholly unsatisfying.

I would like to suggest making certain tasks “required”:

  • Like capping and holding ALL the towers on the way down.
  • You MUST send back your flightmasters (etc)
  • You must do Galvanagar and Balinda

Or some version of that. I’m sure you could introduce some new things there as well.

At any rate, AV was a masterpiece which is now being wasted.

Sincerely a fan,

David Lee
Altabear on Zul’jin


Altabear, thank you for your post.

May I ask that you also post in this thread here on this issue? Blizzard unfortunately often neglects the PvP forums, with updates to PvP usually going in General Discussion too. I made a thread here: