Alterac Valley "The War"

Except the people playing during vanilla enjoyed the improved versions of AV more too. The people who wanted 1.5 AV were always a niche crowd even during vanilla, which is why AV was changed in the first place.

So instead of blaming Ion maybe blame the original WoW devs :slight_smile:

Fellas blizzard confirmed that they are not changing any values of anything (including bgs) to any version pre-1.12 as it won’t be accurate enough to recreate.

Let it die, it’s not happening. It’s real this time.

[citation needed] for the bolded part.
Participation does not directly translate into enjoyment or fun. Both you and Ion clearly cannot grasp the concept.

The vanilla devs share the blame, but they are not the ones looking to repeat the same mistakes. Ion is.

What mistake using the BG people preferred even during vanilla?

Still waiting for the [citation]…
In fact you can go ahead and cite a source of the “preferred” part as well, because again, participation does not equate to preference.

I already did,

Ah, so you are going to circle right back around to blizzard’s “preference” for “participation”.
(Not going to bother linking yet again the Q&A which clearly shows that they equate “participation” as the metric they use to gauge “fun”.)

So basically you cannot cite a source that the 1.12 version of AV was “preferred” or “enjoyed more” by the players.


All I can cite is the fact that blizzard changed AV pretty much every patch in vanilla because it wasn’t very good at launch.

Can you cite anything showing AV 1.5 was super popular and the changes were not what the community wanted?

1.12 it is!

Let the whiny tears commence! They sustain me.

Bet you cannot cite a source for that either, of players expressing that, who were not just looking for it to be a quick as AB/WSG.

Good thing I never claimed 1.5 was specifically “super popular”. Also, “community wanted” changes do not equate to “improvements” or making it more “enjoyable”.

Keep swinging zyrius. Eventually you might hit something.

So really we’re just back to what people enjoy about AV being completely subjective and all we can go on is the fact that blizzard realized not many people enjoyed 1.5 AV.

You really have a disconnect as to what a “fact” is.

Hmm… fact blizzard started changing AV almost as soon as they released.

And fact more people started playing it as it was changed.

Do you actually read posts?

Feel free to play with your goalposts alone.

Never made such a claim, nor do I care what “everyone” loves.

Feel free to keep pretending AV 1.5 was some awesome BG that everyone loved.

I don’t see why you continually respond to him; he’s just a troll.

Blizzard changed AV because of marks of honor. They had a plan for marks that involved using them for gear, but AV was a monkey wrench in the plan. Players would throw an ever-loving fit if they received significantly less AV marks due to long games, thus, the complete nerfing of AV.


That is why I believe 1.7 to be the most complete version. Outside of improvements like the 1 for 1 change in 1.8, most everything beyond 1.7 were removals and nerfs.

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In my opinion, having 1.5 AV weekends and running 1.12 AV the rest of the time is the ideal solution. Setting aside an entire Saturday to play AV was great fun. The battles were intense. Winning was great. Losing was horrible. Either way, seeing the game through to the end felt good. During the week, however, it was nearly impossible to get IN to an AV because of queue times, much less have the time to stick around until the end. Offering both versions allows everyone to get what they want, at least in some form.

However, unless Blizzard actually HAS the complete 1.5 AV data, all of these forum threads are meaningless. I doubt they would put resources towards recreating 1.5 AV without a proper reference. If they would have to rely on guesswork, you may as well go play on a private server.

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