Alterac Valley "The War"

Sorry, not sorry.
There is a huge difference between what will make WoW Classic Successful, and what bored retailers who drove my game into the ground years ago think is good for Classic.

But no seriously there is a huge difference between what retail players want and have versus what classic players that will actually make it to Alterac Valley want.


Yeah, you just keep making sure to stoke those flames. Blizzard definitely wants that, wants people creating posts like this, passive-aggressively insulting an entire playerbase. /s

I don’t know if you secretly want to make sure Blizzard sticks to their guns on 1.12 AV, but a post like this that is largely just disdain towards Modern WoW players isn’t helping bring back older AV elements.

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Nice level 120 achievement, btw.


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Does 1.12 AV have the 600 resources?

Thanks, I did some pvp for a little bit too and tried a class I had never played. Had an okay time with some world pvp and I unlocked the mag’har.

Edit: blizzard knows about the difference in opinions between classic faith and retail fans, I think I did a decent job to reinforce this. I personally think we’re easier to please than retail players too… was that hurtful to say as well? Oops…

I had and still have close friends that love retail. I am the kinda person that will try very hard to like something if my friends are into it. But I just couldn’t convince myself that it was worth a second monthly payment…


We need more people willing ti discuss the differences of what true vanilla players want versus what retail players want. It isn’t that one is right or one is wrong, it just equates simply to “different stroke for different folks”

Edit: As I think someone stated before it is more than a little disturbing to people to see a post from the devs that has such a pro look at making the game easier. Getting easier content and “reward pinatas” is exactly what changed wow for the worse for those of us that are no longer subbed. SO if they want NEW subs, which I assume is the point of brining back a vanilla version of the game to cater to players who have a totally different mindset than retail. They should look into what it is that vanilla players want. AV was meant to be a PvPvE War… it was the “final Frontier” for the war between the alliance and the horde.

This statement here just exactly that they are not considering the fanbase they are trying to reach right now.

Please Blizz, listen to people that want harder versions… we want our home back.


I am really hoping they read this thread, but every day now our forums are being flooded with retail trolls trying to wreck our game seemingly for fun… or maybe out of spite that their game is not what they want right now…

Which brings me to another point that I hope Blizzard has someone tracking these trolls that are just bouncing around between classic and retail forums just ranting and knocking the devs and the games…


Hopefully the CMs have ways of seeing who is doing the alt dance to do such. Such as the players bnet tag regardless of the alt.

I tend to think blizzard at this point is OK with them due to confirmation bias.


It truly was all about the war, and AV truly was meant to be an end game battle zone for level 50+.

Think about it. you could access WSG and AB at level 10… they were just the Battlegrounds that lead up to AV. This place was never supposed to be patched to the point that people could zerg easier, and I don’t think when Blizz was nerfing AV into 1.12 that they WANTED it to become a zerg… but players found a way… so we need to revert back to hard versions to HELP to PREVENT it from being so easy.


I loved ERPing with people in the snowy lands of AV


I dont RP myself personally. However I know that having a 1.5 style war vs a 1.12 zerg is probably more ideal for RPing.


I actually just suggested in another thread that PVE/PVP servers have 1.12 and RP/RPPVP servers get 1.5.


That’s an interesting thought


I thought so.


I stopped reading this cringe at the part where people need to earn Allied Races.

Sorry, locking races plastered on the Xpac features behind rep is a scumbag thing to do.

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I’m sure there is. But there is also a huge difference between what some classic players that will actually make it to AV want and what other classic players that will actually make it to AV want.

I love how everyone who doesn’t want what you want is some “retail fan” whose opinion shouldn’t be heard. That’ll surely get Blizzard to listen to you.

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Well it sounds like to me you already had your emotions in control AS you were reading, and so much that you probably already were not aligned with my opinion in the first place if when I started my opinion about retail whining about races being a retail mindset. Either way you proved that right wi th this comment and further validated that those retail players truly ARE comaining about reputation gated content. Further proving this is likely to be your reasoning for preference of 1.12 because you wanna get your rep gear and be done and not have to earn it.

I agree 100%, that’s what my post was all about. There will be people that do make it to AV that may not agree with my opinion about making AV harder to earn rep, or made into instances that can be revisited for days sometimes. Those that are in AV for rep alone or just to finish a few quests need to only exhaust more effort in 1.5av than in 1.12av. This only provides more content and keeps players with something to do longer which actually helps people stay subbed.

I think what will get Classic Blizzard devs to listen to me is primarily that when you disagree wi th my post you get a like or two but people have been reading and loving my post more than they like your response.

Also you help to further validate that in fact as a retail fan, you seemed to just come in and read my post only to respond with emotions rather than logic. I dont think you shouldn’t be heard if you make logical points to counter my opinions, but you clearly just uses emotion to derail the intentions of the post. I’m not trying to drive home that retail fans shouldn’t have a say at all, but that people who actually enjoyed and played vanilla will eventually be known to the Classic Blizz Devs if they look at the trends of logic vs emotional rhetoric, and it shows who does care about AV or who just wants to argue or just get their “reward pinatas” and then nsubscribe because they have nothing else to do. Especially when it only took them a few days irl to grind all rep for AV they needed. The majority of friends and people on these forums that are coming in here posting and supporting the 1.5 AV movement are just being met with emotional arguments like yours. When deep down inside you know that if you enjoy retail for what it is you likely have an emotional opinion about every topic that is discussed.

So please keep posting my retail friend, you’re helping to show that the retail mind set is in fact a different mindset that is more worried about their emotions and the game being released already or rep being easier to attain. I see a lot more individuals coming into this particular thread and liking my post with nothing to say than any anti 1.5av posters in any threads about the topic… and blizz sees the support is absolutely in favor of 1.5.


Are you sure that’s what your post was about?

Just in case you got confused by what I meant…

I was saying that there are diehard vanilla fans on both sides of the AV debate. Just because they prefer a different type of AV doesn’t mean they are retail-esq players that just want easy mode.

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Yeah there are true fans on both sides of the debate.

If you read my response to you I addressed this.

You’re right it isnt all just about them wanting the easy mode. Because some of them are just so happy were getting classic at all that they just dont care if its 1.12 or not. If you just don’t care then the topic of 1.5av vs 1.12 isnt really one you should debate because you honestly just dont care and that typically means you dont care either way. Though I dont think your opinions are in vain. It helps to show that you dont care… and that’s a valid opinion.

The others that dont want 1.5 might not only be because they want it easy, but because they just want the game out already and don’t want them taking more time to try and put together 1.5 which is also another valid opinion. Just it shows again your interest isnt in versions of AV as much as the rushed release of the game.

I really have not seen very many fans of vanilla 1.12 av actually get on the forums and say “This is why 1.12av is better than 1.5av” Other than them saying they dont want games to take forever, or they dont want the rep grind to take forever.

So that’s why that is very prominent in my threads original post, and my opinion of true vanilla fans vs retail is exactly that. Either you want the most difficult versions of the game ie the original threat, the original “peel the onion” av, or the harder dungeons/raids/content in general you are in fact supporting to the games longevity and playability for longer.