Alterac Valley in Classic

Thank you Kaivax for putting this one to bed. :slight_smile:


My point is Blizzard explicitly stated they were using the 1.12 framework.

Having 1.12 version of AV is no surprise.

That being said, they did open the door to progressive itemization changes in the cycle of the classic patches.

It isn’t people that want 1.5 being idiots. It is those trying to complain that this isn’t “No changes” when it clearly lines up with what Blizzard told us from the start.


We’re here right now, without being sent by any streamers. Our opinions are our own and are perfectly valid. It isn’t fair to try and delegitimize us by saying “you guys only think that because of a streamer.”

Rather than attack, troll, or enrage people, if you are happy with 1.12 AV, make a comment saying “I am glad they are using 1.12 AV because…” and discuss with the community. Let’s have productive discussion.


A bit disappointing, but thanks for the clarification!


Yeah, you already brought up the point I would have…

They already have gated itemization. Gated content with progressive patches.

That never existed in 1.12.


Yes, some people have their own opinion. Some people who watch the streamers will come here and state their own opinion. Some people will come here and spout the opinion of the streamer because they were told 1.12 AV is bad and 1.5 AV is good.

Stating a fact is not trolling.

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Aww that’s too bad. I started in TBC so never got to experience the early Vanilla AV, and was hoping to get the chance.


I would have preferred playing something closer to the Patch 1.5 version of AV since it was the longest running version of Vanilla Alterac Valley. It’s still better than playing this bg on retail though so I’m not going to complain too much.


Thanks for reaching out to us! Um…it’s a bit crushing tho, I admit. I never got the early AV experience.
So…Basin it is!


We want Korak. Think of how this will affect Hunters/Warriors. WE WANT KORAK. Do you guys remember how much fun that was to go in there and do battle to get the kill for your faction?


Appreciate the update. As someone who played this game since day 1 of release back in 2004 i think players will slowly understand as to why this patch was chosen. everyone will always find something to complain about until they experience it themselves.

I feel this is a smart choice.


Alot of people are going to complain about this but remember that they said they were going to use 1.12 as a framework.

This is almost certainly also going to be the case with the dungeons that changed from 10 to 5 or 15 to 10 as well, we’ll get them in their 1.12 state.

It already seems like the general consensus of this thread is: DISAPPOINTING


They explained it to you why they think it’s a good idea.


Very short versus the rest of the patches as a whole, but 1.12 was the longest patch.

https:// imgur. com/a/ PS6gIC6

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I hope you do NOT do cross realm battlegrounds.


I started playing in TBC as well, and I would very much like to experience the different AV.


TBC AV is nothing…and I mean nothing like 1.12 AV. You are already going to experience a way better version.


I really had wished to experience the older versions of AV, but I do recognize that that Blizz may not have had this information available. I do appreciate them being up front with the information and keeping us informed.

I am not disappointed and I hope we get more classic news in the near future. Thanks much.