Alt recommendation

So I’ve been playing a Frost Mage and really enjoy the rotation. I like the simplicity and the proc based rotation. Been trying to find an alt to play but haven’t really found anything that clicks.

Anyone more knowledgeable than me know a spec that has a similar rotation?

Are you looking for ranged or melee. And are you leaning more into the proc based, or the simple side of the rotation.

I’m ok playing either, I probably enjoy ranged more just cause it’s easier to survey the battlefield.

I like the proc’s on Frost because it keeps the simple rotation interesting. I get a little turned off when the rotation involves a lot of keybinds, I tried Enhance Sham and Arms War and they both seemed like there was alot of buttons to press haha!

Hunter. Always hunter.


Try a ret paladin. They’re amazing fun after their rework. Plenty of procs. And a lot of range for a melee spec.

Which hunter spec? I hear BM is a snoozefest?


I have a pocket tank I can heal, and can fling nearly every attack I have while moving. What’s not to love?

Insert “Wait…what?” meme here.


Play a tank or healer.

Making an Alt?

Make a Hunter. Any of the specs will work in the leveling process though MM and BM are just better than SV in the end.

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I’ve done a lot of tanking in the past and have enjoyed it! What healer would you recommend?

Out of all the classes I’ve played so far, Prot Warrior has been the most fun. And oddly enough it was the last class I tried.

Everything else has felt meh, or like it had no control, or it had too much control, or it was over kitted.

I feel the same way about my mage haha! Really enjoy Frost/Fire. Nothing else has “clicked”!

BM is all about speed. Its rotation is simple but you’re going to WANT to move 24/7 as a BM. It’s like a neuron activates as being able to do pretty much your entire rotation on the move is addicting. You also get pets.

MM stands still more but is still mobile.

SV is fun but it’s just too squishy after 60 as it’s the squishest melee spec in WoW and Blizzard seems to refuse to dedicate fully on it being melee. So it’s stuck in an awkward place.


You mean being able to attack while moving and not having to decide if I can get my spell off before the ground below me explodes? Or the ability to solo elites and a good number of rares without breaking a sweat? :slight_smile:

I may be biased, though


Well I love MW. Shaman is strong now.

Ret Paladin. They are cracked

Shadow Priest is ok but it’s like, “Dang I wish I had insanity for AoE or I had planned my stuff better.” High risk/high reward kind of stuff.

Resto Druid I was excited for but then I saw the kit and I legit asked myself wtf. Other Druid specs seem fine albeit boring. Lot of stuff to maintain and the standard UI isn’t exactly great for watching buffs/debuffs. Feels like you’re playing an RTS.

Monk tanking is alright but I really wanted to heal this time around. Not making the mistake of doing Monk healing in M+. WW is fun but I did that already.

I really wanted to like Paladin but I was so disappointed in the class. The rework seems alright but I’m just done with it.

Then I landed on Warrior and I’m like this is kinda nice. Not over kitted, not under kitted, plenty of options, buttons feels good. Alrighty. Prot only though. Fury and Arms feel like bad design.

Played Rogue and DK as well, possibly some others. It’s all blurring together.

Been maiming my hunter this season. This I’m my experience with the specs.

BM is very mobile with a pretty simple rotation

Marksman has a little less mobility, a more complicated rotation and more DPS

Survival is a lot of fun for a melee. And not nearly as bad as it’s reputation. IMHO.

Personally I typically Raid and do dungeons as BM and run around as SV in open world.

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What makes the Frost mage rotation great is

  • Few buttons but high dynamic element from procs
  • Mobility
  • Tanky

The spec most similar, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Frost DK. While I personally hate Breath of Sindragosa builds, even Breath upkeep directly mirrors Icy Veins as a long duration upkeep cooldown.

If what you’re really after is another mobile caster, consider demonology warlock. With the current tier set you are constantly proccing instant Hand’s of Guldan (going away in 10.1 obviously) and from the spec tree you’re going to be getting a ton of instant Demonbolts, implosions, demonic summons, which contribute to pretty good M+/raid mobility.

I’d ignore BM hunter recommendations - playing the most popular spec in the game is never going to result in being a valued member of a team.

brother, you’re already a frost mage, how is this an issue for you

i would prefer having ray of frost, comet storm, ebonbolt, glacial spike and water elemental to actually be useful and picked than this “few buttons high dynamic” frosbolt-flurry spam