Alt forced to do the entire Shadowlands Campaign

I’ve done the campaign a plethora of times and my other 60+ alts are able to go into Oribos just fine, this specific alt however, has never touched Shadowlands, is level 70 and is forced to do the entire campaign all over again just to get to ZM which I’m trying to unlock for professions. Not one NPC allows any skip, the guy to activate Threads of Fate has nothing to say, along with Bolvar and Tal-Inara. I really don’t know what to do but I really can’t be bothered to to hours of campaign all over again just to craft a ring with a speed enhancement on it. Does anyone know if there’s any fix at all?


When I did this on level 70s, I took the Maw skip from the DK in the main city, was ported to Oribos and given the option to skip the campaign and choose my covenant.

If you didn’t go through the first quest from Bolvar to skip and the Tal-Inara quest, then it sounds like you may be stuck. I did learn never to just walk through the portal and to do the intro quests to skip.

If you did do the Bolvar quest and skip the Maw intro, if Tal-Inara then didn’t give you a skip option, it sounds like a bug and you’ll want to add that to bug reports.


I took one of my alts there a couple of months ago. I had to pick a covenant Choosing Your Purpose from Tal-Inara, do a quest or two at my covenant’s sanctum until they sent me back to Oribos. At that point, I was able to talk to Bolvar and Tal-Inara to do their respective skips.


Did you happen to boost that character to 60? I have seen that the skip is not available if so.

I am also having this issue tonight. I done the campaign on my 4 mains that ran this during when Shadowlands first went live and completed their respective covenant campaigns. I also unlocked skip with Tal-inara and Bolvar on my army of alts. few times the threads of fate would pop up and I chose respectively. I got ported to a legacy raid to Sanctum of Domination and left via entrance. and I get the ever lovely voice chat box in game speaking to me from Ven’ari: “You are not equipped to enter the beastwarrens mortal. Turn back!” I also submitted a trouble ticket with little faith they will perform any magic trick for me also submitted bug report. this trully sucks having togo through entire campaign storyline. I dunno how but bolvar mask is by tal-inar so I never got introductory quest to get the leaders to assist us getting to SL so…hopefully I can choose a covenant at this time I dont have one nor an ability for one in my spellbook.

FYI I let this specific alt sit since BFA level quish. I leveled him recently from 50-70 from timewalking. He never went through SL. lol so theres that maybe that squish unitentionally caused a bug.