[Ally-RP] <Felhounds Rest> is recruiting!

Guild Name: Felhounds Rest

Guild Type: RP / Tavern

RP Days/Times: Saturday 7:30pm server

Recruitment Contacts: Narisca, Axelcrowe (all in game)

Recruiting: Any RPers looking for a mature community with a focus on COMMUNITY and RP.

Feel free to join us any Saturday for our open rp nights! We have our guild and regular members continuing on their own stories, were always open to others joining in ic or even hanging to watch if you prefer! Were a community as much as a guild so please don’t be shy <3 If your fond of the group, ask about our factions and bounty board for more rp and rewards!
We host every Saturday night, 7:30pm realm time onwards! We almost always meet in SW Park tavern. Currently going on our 3rd year, never missed a week!

We are run by council (3 gms and officers) and each gm and their officers are focused on specific rp styles and stories to help keep the lore fresh and fun. We do allow members to run and host their own events with guild aid (this means character arcs or parties) just speak to a gm for approval and we’ll help!
Were also always happy to run collab events with other groups and guilds, please never be shy to reach out!

You spot a flyer on the city walls. A map with a large X marking the Inn’s location. “Felhound’s Rest is now offering booze and beds for weary adventurers at ‘low’ prices. Pick your poison, find jobs, and avoid getting stabbed in your sleep!”
(( A Medium-Heavy RP Guild with a focus on offering RP for new and experienced RPers. We offer Dark and Lawful RP storylines for our members but are Neutral as a guild. PST a officer or myself for more details or with questions! ))

Have a lovely day and have fun on your WoW journey!

Popular questions:

What is dark rp?
Dark RP refers to us having more mature RP lines, not shying from murder, torture, and stealing-Dark themes! We also attract darker aligned characters that dont fit most guilds.
We do accept all RP types and no one is required to RP if uncomfortable tho.

Is Tavern RP all you do?
Nope! Were always open to host more events as requested and help members hold their own. Tavern RP is simply the easiest way to introduce new people and offer a relaxing vibe ic and ooc (as well as introduce other events when interested)

What is Tavern RP?
Its exactly how it sounds but also not what you think! Tavern RP is your character going to a bar/inn/diner/hangout location. Its a place to find work (such as the guild bounties/quest), friends (ic and ooc!), plot hooks, entertainment, or a party! You can trade goods, tell stories, hear from others, see unique characters, get booze and food, be part of a community.
Much like any D&D adventure… a tavern is where it always starts!

Are events limited to guild?
NOPE! We welcome all to join us given that you follow our rules IC and OOC! Join our discord and keep up with our events as well as other server rp as we work to maintain a rp calendar monthly of all open Bloodsail rp on horde and ally sides! :slight_smile:

The Tavern has some rules, the biggest being: Do what the owner and staff say. OOC our biggest is consent. Because we allow dark and grim dark rp we request all rp be aware of those around you. If you want graphic or nsfw, take it to whispers or a channel. If someone ooc asks for something to stop, take it somewhere else or let them remove theirself ic from it. RP is fun, but its only fun when we all have fun! The rest mostly sit on the “Dont be a d*ck” logic.