Allow us to do dungeons and raid with Opposite faction?

How many expansions have had a shared capital city where faction was meaningless? How would shared dungeon queues be that much different?


Faction dynamics change all the time in good story dynamics. I would support this for at least one expansion, then we find a reason to go to war again.

I think that’s exactly what would happen. It probably wouldn’t be very productive if the dungeon and raid groups were to mix together Orcs and Humans, Undead and Night Elves, Goblins and Worgen, etc.

Some players are very big on their faction pride.

There is the possibility of applying mercenary mode to PvE content, but then I’m not sure if there would still be a point to cross-faction dungeon groups using the mercenary mode feature.

Only for bnet friends. Pugging would be insane considering how much ridiculous behaviour people engage in just to mess with the other faction, like killing hunter tames and the like.

I’d say the lore and story being so painfully one-sided has been doing that for a while now. You want everyone to be Horde so you can shirk any responsibility of writing lore you don’t like, don’t care about and a fanbase you see as disposable. Factions only matter because you keep pigeonholing them into mattering even though you should have seen with BfA people are sick to the back teeth of it, especially when it follows the model of curbstomp non-human Alliance races to sow discord and fracture the Horde. It’s dull. Maybe you should stop and try something new. I don’t play for factions, never have and never will. I play for races I like and they are on both sides.


I would support this b/c it would increase the pool of potential players with which to fill my group.


I agree. I don’t much care about AlliancevHorde. I want to down bosses and will accept any ally which helps me do that. I also love that you have a cookie emote!!!

[happily munches on :cookie:]


If i get Alliance in my group when im tanking, i’ll just leave when they put the key or aggro boss.


It could be something like merc mode. No one talks in dungeons anyway, so who would know the difference. Just make them all appear to one another as the same faction.


Population would have too be in the toilet for blizzard too allow this. until that day it will never happen.

Which is why it’d be awesome if it locked you out of all mythics for the rest of the week for doing that :smiley:


It could be fun grouping with bnet friends and all appearing as Pandaren. :wink:

Such system wont exist or it will be abused, i could just tank or heal ineffeciently the whole run.

I dont wanna play with Alliance crybabies, please do understand.


Cross Faction dungeons and raids would be fun… however I am a firm believer that a Gnome and a Marmot have the exact same use to a group in game. It only matters how far you can punt them.

Give group leaders a /kick and a /punt option and I will be all for this cross-faction group change.

Which is why you are threatening to act like a toddler. Got it lawl


Personally I don’t know why MMOs feel the need to split the player base by making factions in the first place. Large MMOs like WoW can get away with it to a degree, but it’s terrible for smaller ones.

I guess some people get off on the “hurr durr” faction pride thing, but that always seemed silly to me.


Where was this argument when you implemented Mercenary Mode? Y’know. That thing that has solely helped Horde PvPers offset queue times for 2 expansions by being able to dress up as Alliance and spam /bg “I don’t care if we lose, I’m Horde! LOLOL.”

For the Devs to get to respect the importance of factional choice, they actually have to think more than 50% of the factions are important. Right now, the storytelling, Lore and “faction pride” is about as one-sided as it can be.

It’s mirrored in the developers attitude out of game as well. I know, “Horde Bias” right? Well, maybe a few more insults to Alliance players at Blizzcon would have been what we needed to get 90% of the competitive scene for both PvE and PVP back from Horde.


The difference for mercenary mode is that you are not communicating with the opposite faction. (Or rather, with the disguised group, if that makes sense.) In addition, you are only grouped with your own faction (you just might also be fighting your own faction in disguise) whereas in a dungeon, you would have to set it up to be able to communicate cross faction to hide that everyone was not the same faction… but if you did so, people would quickly find out when they talked anyway.

As for factions not meaning a lot, I would have said similar for a while now. There were decent differences in vanilla, some differences in BC, definite differences in Wrath… but then hardly any real differences from Cata to Legion. Then BfA comes along and the differences in what you see depend hugely on what faction you’re playing. I’m VERY glad I already have long-established characters on both sides of the fence for BfA.

Wasn’t there a time when we did share dungeons? When there was a need for a player and they pulled from the opposite fraction. I swear I remember being in a dungeon with a Dranei (x2), gnome and dwarf. I am sure of it, I just don’t remember which expac it was.

I just wish factions were gone. Can the war ever stop?


Slightly different topic, but related. I’m an alliance player. As I was wondering where all the BfA content was, it occurred to me that half of it was probably the horde quests I haven’t seen. So I thought I’d give it a go on a horde character, but then quickly realized I’m friendless on the horde side. My guild is alliance, my friends are alliance, none of that transfers over. And let’s be frank, my guild and friends are by far the most important reason this game has stuck with me so long. Otherwise it’d be way easier to switch to a different game.

Anyway, point is, if content is going to be split across factions, but players are going to be strongly funneled into one or the other, it means a big chunk of the development budget is wasted on each player. This does not seem like a smart strategy for the long run.