Allow Ferrets to be tamable please

(Ortyn) #1

Dear Blizzard GM,

I was out on a adventure in the rolling green fields of Stormsong Valley. I came across a hidden ferret. A Mischievous Ferret to be exact. Quite a handsome little fellow. I tried to tame and convince him to be my friend but alas I was greeted with the message “creature not tamable”. The ferret and myself became suddenly saddend by the shockenly sad announcemt. We became quite close in our short meeting. I shared some marshmellows from my rucksack, played peek a boo and who got your nose. I had to leave and bid him farewell. We both cried. Please blizzard allow the ferrets to be tamable. So many weird and strange creatures are able to be tamed. One sad hunter on Proudmoore. Ortyn

The GM response:

Hello there,

My name is Game Master Mirdrellos and thanks so much for your time. I just got your contact and that’s so awsome to hear that you befriended such a wonderful Ferret. I myself always stomp on them and eat them, but it’s good to know they have other uses!

Knowing how to play Peek-a-boo is a sign of HIGH intelligence and I may start rethinking my ‘Stomp and Eat’ policy regarding them. Perhaps someday they’ll be moved up to the Tamable category, but only time will tell! Please do submit this as a suggestion straight on the forums.

Blizzard, please allow ferrets to be tamed. Makes a lot more sense to be able to befriend a ferret over some of the other creatures. Thank you.

Sad Hunter on Proudmoore.

(Swiftraven) #2

ferrets and alpacas NOW

(Kirela) #3

A friend found their first ferret and told me I should go and tame it, but I was sad to explain that I couldn’t. I really want a ferret hunter pet.

(Phitz) #4

Why make it tamable for just a few people when they can sell it for $20 to anyone?


Do you think you’ll be able to handle such a ferocious force of destruction?! The thought makes me shudder…


I fully support this idea. We need ferrets! They are fearsome, bloodthirsty, highly intelligent balls of murder-fluff, with a long RL history of working as hunting animals. They take on prey much larger than themselves with ruthless efficiency and brazen courage and as such would be excellent accomplices to any hunter in Azeroth. Given that they also like marshmallows, it is nearly criminal that they cannot accompany us in our travels.


I also think we need tamable hunter ferrets. Fierce, adorable pets that (perhaps) spring out of the ground at enemies, bite them savagely, steal all of their shiny stuff and deposite said stuff under a couch at the inn of their choosing. All you other ferret owners out there know what I’m talking about. Come on, Blizz! Please let us tame those ferrets!!

(Jerauld) #9

Is this about that stealthed ferret in Stormsong Valley for who knows what reason its sitting on that rock!!


Yep, those. There are more near him if you look around.


Please let the ferrets be tamable for hunters in the future. I was so excited to finally see ferrets in the game and also sad my hunter couldn’t have new friends.

(Mooriartee) #12

Proof right there of which faction Blizz GM’s play.


For the Horde!

/moo :cow:



Just yes.

Those ferrets are AWESOME!!!

(Shaerlindria) #14

I have a Gnome hunter sitting at 23 right now, because I want a bunch of cute fluffy animal pets that look ever so darling as the maul people to death.

So ferrets and bunnies would be perfect for her.

(Stompypotato) #15

I don’t play my hunters often but I would definitely level them to tame a ferret. It might quell the growing demand for real ferrets that my wife and kids have been peppering into almost every conversation lately.