Allied Races... give us what we payed for!

To start this off, i came back to the game after being burnt out and wanting a fresh start to get me back into it. I figured i would play the new Kul Tiran race as its one of the few things i have not already dont yet. But then i realized that to do this. I will have to invest months of time and money doing the same thing i have already done time and again over and over. The very reason i left the game to start with…

Im so sick of feeling like Blizz is taking our money just to wag a finger in our face and saying “give me more”. We all payed for BFA to play Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tirans /all the other fake new races. Yet here we are months later, and still cant play all of what we already payed money to play… Sure, you may have one or even a couple races unlocked by now if your a casual player. But unless your sinking every hour of your life into this game your not going to have them all. This whole “pay money so you can pay me more money through sub time to unlock it” is out right BS… Unlocks should be a reward for time investments into the game as an added bonus/incentive to put the time in. NOT as a requirement. we already unlocked it by buying the expansion. Give us what we already paid for blizz!

As a kind of P.S. to this topic, i want to add that i had a friend wanting to start WoW with me for the first time ((the main thing prompting me to get back into the game again)) He wanted to play a race from the Legion expansion. Only to have me tell him that despite owning the expansion… to play that race, He will have to invest months into a character he dose NOT want to play just to unlock it. This made him not want to even try the game.

doesn’t the expansion come with a level up freebie?